he done it !

well, Tyler managed to stay in his cot bed until 6.10 with only two feeds at 12 and 3, no visits in between. must be the swaddling and the calpol plug in.

am so proud, just hope it contines.

sarah+tyler(13 weeks)


  • ah, so please for you sarah, all your hard work ispaying off. well done!
  • brilliant, I am so pleased for you both xxxxx
  • What a super star! Bless him, you deserve it! You've worked so hard with him, well done hun x x x
  • Yay yay yay!!!!!!

    So pleased you see all your hard works paying off, hes such a clever little man. Little baby steps in the right direction he must be so much happier as must you image

    x x x
  • Thanks Ladies.

    I know he woke up twice to be fed, but for Tyler thats progress. No idea how to cut down the night feeds, during the day he feeds every 3 hours.
    He's down again, just see how it goes tonight. Fingers crossed.

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