Guess what ladies.... :D

well, after you lot decided to keep it all away from me, you failed... ;\)

WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! image image image image

I got a pic of OH and Ollie playing in it earlier before it started coming down really hard, and its tailed off a bit now, but we got at least an inch and half image
Ollie even threw a snowball at daddy :lol:

Will put the pics up tomoz when I've uploaded them...
(and i intend to keep all this lovely snow away from you all, its mine, all mine ;\) :lol: )



  • Aww, glad you finally got some snow!
  • Yay finally! Enjoy it babe x
  • glad you got some at last wana take some of mine, i was happy it was almost all gone as iv been having a nightmare with the pram, but its changes its mind and is coming down like mad has been for about 2 hour and we now have 3-4 inches of the stuff again, hope it dosnt get much worse over night x
  • Snow finally made the midlands of Ireland last night too. My dd finally got to see real proper snow for first time and built her snowman.
  • Jodie - I'll gladly take all of yours image

    Ollie as it started image

    Ollie throwing a snowball.
    Not much snow at that point but it carried for a while and is still here this morning.
    OH not happy though as he's been changed onto a rural round and the snow has all frozen over - it got to -5'c last night - so he's had to put his chains on his shoes and the van to try and get to half of the round! :lol:
    We've got more forecast for tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get it image Yay!!

  • We've had it since last monday now and i'm getting a tad bit fed up with it now and would have happily sent some of mine to everyone. Fed up of going somewhere and holding onto every rail or hedge i go past so i don't end up on my ass. lol

    Nice to see someone happy about it though. Enjoy. image

    Lisa xxx
  • We had a load more last night too but luckily it stopped and so the schools were opent today yaaaaay! It has started to rain now so I dont suppose it will last much longer. I am sort of glad coz I was fed up with not wanting to drive as our road doesnt get gritted and it is like a polished ice rink. Am a bit sad to see it go coz its such fun with the children

    Glad you finally got some mummy stephe x
  • This was our garden this morning after we had built a family of snowmen

  • Dont even get me started Stephe- everywhere seems to have had snow except for Plymouth and where yopu live!

    We had to drive 30 mins up the road to take Joshua to the snow, It was amazing so much everywhere was completely white...its so unfair...we still dont have any snow grrrrrr xxx
  • I love the snow family! image
    We didnt have enough to do that here - and the spoilsport sun came out this aft and melted it all away. Humpf! :lol:

    Hoping that the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is right and we get lots more, OH has an afternoon off (we got the architect coming round about our plot of land) so if its snowed we can play out together image

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