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Hi all,

Looking for some advice on best way of getting my LO into a bedtime routine! Eve is 6 weeks old and I'm trying to get her into a loose routine!

All week I've been bathing her at 5.45pm, massaging her and getting her dressed to bed, I then feed her in our room which I'm making sure is dark and quiet! All this is fine but as soon as I try putting her in her cot she screams and screams! I've tried everything I can think of but she won't settle! As soon as we give in and bring her down stairs she settles and then falls asleep!

Where am I going wrong?



  • Hi

    I personally wouldnt worry about a bedtime routine at this age. Its still really early. I know my lo liked being downstairs in his basket with us until he had had his last feed at 11pm. I think at about 4months youll have a better chance.

  • you are not going wrong - it soudns like you are doing a fab job - we made a point og not picking toby up just conforting rocking the crib and stroking his head or hand - it worked wonders and he has self settled since. He has had the same bedtime routine since he was 6 weeks old. Does Eve take all the milk? We always had bedtime for 7pm so started it a little later x

    ps did you get the Naming Day copy? x
  • Hi hun, we're also starting to implement some kind of bedtime routine, Finley will be 7weeks on saturday.

    It sounds like what you're doing is bang on - it may simply be that your LO feels safe and secure when with you, and so will settle, but once alone in her cot she may feel a bit vulnerable.

    Our routine is very similar to yours, thankfully though after 3nights Fin mostly just wimpers and moans and groans a bit when put down and has only cried a little. I'm happy to leave him to it when he's just wimpering on, but when it sounds like it might escalate into a proper cry I go through and stroke his cheek and shush him. This lets him know I'm still around. it's taken him 30-45mins to drift off to sleep, though he is quiet for a lot of it just shuffling about and looking around. It may also take your LO quite some time to actually fall asleep.

    Have you tried staying by the cot side for a while and shushing her? You could perhaps wear a t-shirt overnight to get your scent right on it, and then put this by her side in the cot so she can smell your familiar scent and this might put her at ease? Some kind of night light or mobile might also help and give her something to focus on and distract her from the fact that she's been put down.

    Not the best of suggestions sorry but just wanted to say sounds like you're doing a grand job!

  • I'm aiming for supper at 8pm (sometimes takes an hour) then bed between 8.30 and 9. Worked like a treat yesterday (1st day!). Until yesterday she was downstairs until we went to bed but I was worried we were starting bad habits and the lights and television would disturb her sleep. She settled by 9.30 and then after about 20 minutes I couldn't stand it and went to check her - she woke up and cried (duh!!!). She did go back to sleep ok though. Had a dream feed at midnight and then slept until 4.45, quick feed and slept again until 7.45. All is quiet at the mo.
  • We started Archie's bedtime routine at about 5wks and pretty much did the same thing, although he gets dry skin so we only bath him twice a week to avoid drying it out further, he too cried to begin with but I rocked his crib, some nights even picked him up to comfort him but never took him out of the bedroom and after a week he settled himself. He has self settled since and at 12 weeks he goes to bed beautifully and I am managing to get a little sleep. I think its all about persistance, you sound like you have the perfect little evening routine so just keep it up. Good luck xxx
  • I started Lily on a routine when she was about a month old.
    We do bath at 5:50PM, then bottle at about 6:10, and then we cuddle until 6:55, and then she's put in her cot and I read her a story in a very quiet and soft voice, and then by then she's usually so calm that she doesn't even cry even if she's awake.
  • We started Sophie on a bedtime routine at about 5 weeks old, and looking back it was the best thing we've done. We do bath (if it is a bath night), pyjamas, daddy puts her in her sleeping bag, feed in her room with the lights low, cot, play a lulaby and she's usually asleep within 10 minutes of going in her cot.

    Perhaps you could try staying with Evie until she has gone to sleep, and then leave the room. I did that with Sophie originally but there is no need to now.
  • I think for 6 weeks you're doing really well. We used to have to let DS fall asleep downstairs and then carry him up and then gradually over time just put him up in bed.

    He is now just over 5 months and goes down awake in his cot and goes to sleep within 5 minutes.

    I think you just have to keep on with it and over time she'll feel comfortable going upstairs on her own xx
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