How do you make your bottles?

Hi ladies

Hope you don't mind, I'm G/C from pregnancy and am being induced tomorrow morning with my first baby image and just wanted to ask a question, if that's ok?

I'm going to be ff baby and since this is our first, we really aren't too sure on how many bottles to make up for a day. My midwife has told me to make a bottle up everytime baby needs one but I really don't think this is practical as baby would wake up screaming for a bottle and I'd need to make one up and wait for water cooling etc. How many bottles would you make up and when would you make them? Would you just put them in the fridge and maybe take one out at night and leave in the room or is this a definite no? Also, would you heat the bottle up before giving to baby as a lot of people have said they don't do this because it's better giving at room temp so that when you're out and about you don't need to worry about warming?

So sorry for all the questions and should probably have posted this soon since I'll hopefully have baby by the end of the week, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

C xx


  • Hi,the guidelines have now changed regarding making up bottles and keeping them in the fridge.I did this with my 1st son who was born 11 weeks early 3 yrs ago and have also done the same with my 2nd son who is now 3months and have had no adverse reaction from him by doing this! I also heat them up in the microwave for 20 seconds and shake well after.
    It is completely up to you how you prepare and keep your bottles,but hope this helps a little in your decision! x
  • Ah, was wondering who the heck you were hun, then you said Ru lol. I know, I can't believe it's tomorrow, kept meaning to e-mail you and let you know but got so caught up in all the worrying lol.

    I hadn't actually thought about making up the water then just adding formula when needed, that's a good idea as it would save having to wait on kettle and everything. Thanks for that and will let you know what we have as soon as poss - keep checking due in Oct forum as I will let my bump buddy know anyway.

    Take care xx
  • Thanks nikr, since we have never done this before I am willing to try anything I think would benefit baby as I definitely don't fancy making up a bottle everytime he/she needs a feed, would take far too long xx
  • Have high blood pressure so they put me onto tablets but when I went back it was too low so they have said they can't control it anymore, hence the reason for inducing early. Absolutely terrified as I really haven't heard good things about being induced and would rather have went naturally so just a bit worried about that. I'm sure I'll be fine and it'll all be worth it in the end image

  • hi

    i've been mixed feeding since ds was 3 weeks and i've always made his bottles by boiling the water and putting in the bottles in the morning and then adding the formula as and when he needed feeding. hope this helps xx
  • Forgive me for g/c but I have pondered about this for my arrival in December. I always thought that the water had to be boiling when the powder was added to kill bacteria and germs that exist?

    So once you have filled the bottles with water, can these be left at room temperature until needed or do they have to go in the fridge?

    Quite honestly I don't know where I've got the boiling water idea from and I've no previous experience but would love to know if there's any truth in this. The ways suggested sound far easier than I was imaging it would be xx
  • i leave mine at room temperature. ur quite right, the milk isn't sterile but thats why u only mix the powder with the formula as and when so that its fresh adn doesn't start to breed bacteria. on the boxes of formula it says to boil the water (for each individual feed so not how i do it all in one) and then cool it then add the milk powder, so the milk doesn't need to be boiling hot when u add the powder.. infact that might burn/scald the milk and altar the taste. xx
  • It's so confusing, why can't it be easy! Thanks for clearing that up, your way certainly does sound better than what I was imagining xx

    Good luck for tomorrow Babyblue xx

  • Hi,

    I sterilise the bottles then make them up, let them cool down and put them in the fridge. When she needs a feed i just get one out and warm it up.

    My MW told me the same as you and to make one up fresh everytime but it's not practical. Good luck for tomorrow!! :\)

    Sarah xx
  • I make the bottles up with the water and leave at room temperature, the mix the powder as and when. I also serve at room temperature as it's much more simple

    Good luck xxxx
  • This is what I did;

    Steralise all my bottles (6 in total) and fill them wih boiling water each morning (well put as much water in as I would need - the right number of ounces) and then when baby was hungry I just added the scoops and warmed the bottle (if needed - she often took it at room temp). Easy Peasy!

    Good look tomorrow.
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