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kids say the funniest things :lol:

whilst tucking ds up in bed i explained i wouldnt be here in the morning cos im back in work after 41 off and he said "ooh but i dont want to be on my own " :lol::lol: poor lil man xxx


  • Oh bless !!

    When I was pregnant my sister told my nephew (5 years old) that I was having a baby and he said "does that mean I have to leave so the baby has my room", bless !!!
  • Ah bless him x
  • Last week Rawdon called the emergencies services whilst at my mums & told them 'mummy gone' as I was at work! oops!

  • Why !! Why do you have to go and post a nasty message on a friendly topic ! What is the matter with you !!!!!

    Chuffedbaby please ignore this twit.
  • Lol, my sister was trying to explain to my nephew (aged 3) yesterday that I had a baby in my tummy and he replied no more babies! She then explained that it would be just like Ashton to which he turned and asked me had I eaten a Ashton, lol. xxxx
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