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Hi ladies Alyssa is super long and super slim following the 9th centile for weight but off the chart for length so i am struggling with clothes she is 6 and a half months 6-9 JUST fit on the length but are too loose im just wondering if you can reccomend anywhere that seem to cater for the long baby other than sainsburys (we buy our baby grows from there and she can still fit in the 3-6)

Thank you x


  • Hey hun,

    Emily is the same, long and skinny! I find that debenhams are quite long but they can also be quite wide, which kind of defeats the purpose! I tend to buy pyjamas now instead of sleepsuits and just put socks on her feet - she was outgrowing sleepsuits far too quickly! I bought some dresses and outfits from ebay from different brands so i could work out what fits dd best. I find M&S fit her well on length and are quite narrow, but it depends on the style of the outfit too!

    I will be interested to see what other people suggest.

  • Hey there! My DS is 9months on Wed and is not very long but quite chubby,lol! But we've just put him in the 9-12month Tesco ones and they are totally wrong for his shape but would be perfect for your girls!! They are very long and skinny! They're already getting tight round the body for him but the legs are just rediculous, is feet are no way near the end!! I've also found boots ones are a similar shape.

    I may try my DS in the Debenhams ones as you say they are quite wide...!

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi,

    Grace is 10 months, and is long. She isn't particularly chunky but not slim either!

    Anyway; I have found that the Petit Bateau clothes are both narrow and long along with other french makes. Hence, they are sometimes on the tight side for her!

    There are usually lots on eBay if you are happy with second hand - if you do a title and description search then there are often items in good priced bundles.

    Also - there is a Petit Bateau discount outlet at Bicester Village (and probably others) and they go in the sale at asos.com.

    I find Asda's clothing to be long, but rather wide as well!

    Hope this helps a bit image

    Em xx
  • pumpkin patch we find very very long x
  • M&co r long & slim. We have same problem, have started putting lo into some of her 6-9 months clothes she's only 3 & half months. They are massive widthways but perfect length ways. But all the clothes out of m&co fit her perfectly length & width. Next are slim but very short.

    Jayne xx
  • We find Mothercare stuff quite long, Jensen is on the 98th centile for length and is wearing 3-6 month clothes now except from Mothercare and Sainsbury's where he still has room in 0-3 months.

  • Thanks everyone, now you mention tesco i remember some of the newborn sleepsuits we were given for her had long skinny legs so a trip to tesco is in order i think,

    I bought loads of baby grows in 6-9 months in the next sale and the bodie look really long and the legs quite dumpy so not sure they wll last very long although the outfits from next look like they will last her ages so i guess it just depends on the style maybe its time for pjs instead of baby grows awww that makes her sound so grown up haha!!!

    Thanks again x
  • I find the same! Their outfits are always huge and the sleepsuits so short! I've got loads of sleepsuits dd only wore once from Next!

  • i have found Next to be quite long, boys clothes anyway, cant comment on girls clothes. Seth is very tall and jeans i have bought him are super long. Sx
  • I found Ladybird clothes to be long and thin - I think you can order them from Kays and they are often on offer for quite cheap. I think we got 3 sleepsuits, 3 vests, 2 hats, 3 bibs all for about ??6!

    I have a very strange shaped baby I think - he has a really long torso so I have to move him up a size while his clothes are still baggy around the waist as I can't get the poppers done up around his bum!!!!
  • we are in PJs as the sleepsuits dont fit right x
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