Afternoon ladies,

Lily (11+ weeks) has had a nosebleed from one nostril today - not running blood, just very bloody bogeys. The whole nostril looks dark with dried blood when you look up it.

She's absolutely fine in herself and I haven't dropped her or anything like that (!) so do you think it's just one of those things, or should I be concerned?


  • I think its probably nothing but if it was my lo i would be worried so think you should call nhs like katie suggested xx
  • Has LO had a cold recently. When he was younger Zacky used to sneeze that hard that one day he had a dribbly nose bleed. Wasnt concerned though as it was obviously related to his snneeezing. Bless him.
  • Thanks all, decided to see what happened this morning and it's fine now. Yes she had had a cold, Trueman - think it most likely is because she's been sneezing so hard.
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