Bottle Recommendations Please!

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping to breastfeed as much as possible (if I can) but will be looking to introduce bottle feeds occassionally at some stage, maybe after 6 weeks or so... I have today bought the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle and Sterilser set but suddenly wondered if that is the best kind?! Can any of you ladies please give me any recommendations?

Thank you in advance xxx


  • I had a set of advent ones, but my LO was colicy and so I ended up buying dr browns which were brilliant. IMO its trial and error once LO arrives, I'd just stick with the TTCTN ones, lots of people rate them on here esp for mixed feeding.

  • we also have to ttctn bottles and lizzie took them with no problem after breastfeeding (breastfeed for only 3 weeks tho) and even after 3 months on bottle she went back to latching on fine (had a moment were i decided i wanted to breastfeed again!) so personally i think they are good for mix feeding x
  • Lovely thanks for your help ladies xx
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