Follow On Milk

DS is six months and I want to move him on to follow on milk (due to the fact that we are doing BLW so he isn't getting any extra nutrients from food yet).

He is currently on Aptamil Stage One - and I don't know whether to just move to the Aptamil follow on or whether to try something different, like Hipp Organic.

Does anyone have any thoughts ?


K x


  • We use Aptamil1 and just swapped over to Aptamil Follow On. That said we had lots of formula issues, windiness etc, so I was happy to stick with a brand I knew she was happy on!

    Didn't even know there was a Hipp Organic at the time, as only tesco had it and I didn't shop in there. Heinz do one now too, and think it's on a par price wise with Hipp, i.e. quite a bit cheaper than Aptamil!!

    I'm sure they are all pretty much of a muchness really taste wise, but some may have extra prebiotics etc to others and that's probably why they're more expensive I'm guessing?

    Be prepared for your DS maybe getting a bit bunged up to start with as the extra iron can make them a bit constipated
    Iz & Skye x
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