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  • hi my baby was b2b from 34 weeks, i bounced on the birthing ball as much as possible, 3-4hours a day! your right not to sit slouched. at my last check up at 41 weeks they thought baby had turned, i dont know if he had or not but my labour was fairly quick (5hours).

    ashy x
  • hi both my babies were back to back and neither enaged until i went into labour and both labours were arpound 6 hours.
    i had pethsdine with my first and just g&a with my 2nd. with my 2nd baby i was awful as i had an poverwelhming urge to push from 5cm! with my first i didnt have it as the pethadine relaxed me (the reason i didnt have the paeth again 2nd time was my first dd1 wasnt breathing when born as labour was quicker than expected) they say most b2b are longer births but the more mobile you try and be the quicker it will go, generally speaking.
  • My bubba was back to back when labour started (I was induced at 41+5) so I laboured in my back at first, but he turned and my labour was only 5 hrs 40 mins from when my waters were broken.

    I read somewhere about cleaning the far side of the bath..
    Good luck!
  • My first baby was b-to-b and she arrived at 39+6.

    I agree with wannababy - stay mobile for as long as possible in labour. With my first baby I was flat on my back being monitored and had to be put on the drip as it wasn't progressing. With my second baby I stayed on my feet throughout and got to 10cm at home.

    Good luck!
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  • My lo was back to back when I was in labour. All the contractions were felt in my back, which is why I wasn't certain I was in labour. She arrived at 39+4, and the midwife had to help me 'turn' her as she was coming down the birth canal! Labour was 4hrs 23mins! Good luck xx
  • Hi mine was B2B and went in to labour at 39 +5. It was a long labour but I got to 8 cm at home by keeping mobile. It all went downhill after arriving in hospital and it not progressing they put me on a drip which meant .. lying down .
    So keep active through labour where ever possible and to try and make lo turn sit staddling a dining room type chair leaning into a cushion so leaning slightly forward. Gives lo more room to turn and also puts you in a nice position to nag OH for a back massage. scubbing floors on hands and knees . Swimming on tum. This stuff did work work for me but lo was doing somersaults in there until the last few days when couldnt get him to turn again xx
  • My first was back to back. I didn't know until I got to the hospital so I have no idea when she turned back to back the little madam! I had a quick labour ( 1 hour 46 mins). I felt no pain but had back ache and couldn't feel my contractions very well - so was unsure when to push. The midwife said this was because Lily was back to back. As Lily came out she had to turn and kept slipping back in as I found it hard to push. Once I'd got her head out the midwives puller her out...I had a third degree tear. x
  • I gave birth back to back, was my first baby so as far as i was concerned i didnt know the difference pain wise or anything so i didnt let it bother me. I didnt receive any pain relief until 9cm dilated and only had gas and air. I didnt even tear. I was however in labour 16 hours but i dont think that is anything to do with being back to back xx
  • My baby was back to back for ages, and she arrived on her due date. In the last few weeks I tried staying as upright as possible, kneeling on all fours, using the birthing ball and only lying on my left hand side. I did have back pain during labour, for which I had codeine, other than that just gas and air.

    I did feel the urge to push quite early, but got to 10cm v quickly after going into hospital. They told me they wanted me to hold off pushing for an hour after I got to 10cm to see if she got into a better position (resisting the urge to push is really hard!). Luckily she turned after 15 mins.
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