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Hey Girls,

It's likely i'll be induced again.. I just read on the other post about someone surviving on G&A and Pethidine.. I'm not anti a epidural - needs must and all that - but I was wondering up to what stage can you have pethidine?

I did have it in my last labour, after the first night and believed that you could only really have it in the very/early stages.. When I read about the pethidine on the other post - I though oh that might be a lot better to have later bit cause you can move around and get into what ever possitions your want without being tied to the bed. I had it before it was quite nice :lol: & didn't make me feel werid or anything just a bit loved up and smiley! :lol: *junky!* .. & I was a bit frighterned into having an epi - 'this is going to be very painful and if you don't have this now you might not be able to as we only have one person to give them and they are dealing with a couple of emergencies' .. I was thinking if I had pethidine that it might take the edge off - but might give me a better experiance as I got pressure sores from not being turned on the epi ect..

I want to be more proactive in this birth - & sort of know my own mind so that i'll be telling them what I'm doing & when! Rather than the other way around.. as i was so helpless and ill and completely at their mercy before!

Can you have Pethidine at 3- 10 cm's? x


  • I had a very quick labour (6 hours in total) and was given pethadine when i was about 3cm.
    I have to be honest and say it didn't do anything for me, G&A on the other hand was great!
    Good luck x
  • At Derriford Hospital they offer Diamporphine rather than Pethidine, but I had this at about 4cm then again at 6cm as the anaesthetist wasn't available for an epi. It did nothing for me except make me constantly sick and very dizzy.

    You mention about being mobile, but a lot of hospitals insist on constant monitoring if you are being induced, which ties you to the bed anyway.

    Hope it goes well for you xx
  • i was 6cm dilated when i had diamorphine, made me very sleepy durring contractions,
  • I was 3cm when they gave me pethadine and 2 paracetamol! Pethadine made me sick and hallucinate, kept asking OH to hold the baby when I had about 10hrs to go before I actually gave birth. It wore off and I refused anything else until Archie arrived. Not even G&A. Didn't want to be more 'out of it' . So it did nothing good for me at I'm afraid. Sorry. S x
  • I was offered it at 6cms but didnt want it, i never react well to drugs. Im sick from co codamol etc so knew it wouldnt work for me. I dont think you would be allowed it at 10cms or during the pushing stage as it passes over to the baby. If given too late the baby will be born drowsy as it will still be in the babies system.

    Have you checked you will be allowed an active labour if being induced? At our hospital if you are induced you have to be constantly monitored.
  • I had diamorphine (very similar to pethidine) at 4-5cm, I was just really chilled and sleepy in between contractions - the contractions themselves didn't even feel that painful I remember being aware of them though
  • Hiya, I had two shots of pethidine over ten hours.saying that i didnt progress further than 1cm but it did give me time to try and rest a bit.dulled the pain.I loved it but took one reath of gas and air and threw up so everyone is different!
  • I have had petidine before from when I was induced thursday my rapid contractions were every 2 mins and started at 140 - I had some that following morning and it was good.. yeah didn't think you'd be allowed it at pushing your not really allowed anything then.. but just wondered if I could have in in the late middle part if needed - I am going to a diffrent hospital - but I think they have to be reasonable if i agree to let them check me when ever they feel they want to then the rest of the time I can sit/lay move in a way that's going to make my labour easier surely! x
  • sorry forgot to add gave birth sunday lol x
  • i got it around 45 mins before i gave birth
    bit thats because they didnt check how far dilated i was before giving it to me. i got it just 3hour 30 mins in as i never get the mild contractions mine were ever 2 mins from the start with all three of mine x
  • do they do meptid at your hospital? i had that and as far as im aware you can have it right up till the end cos it doent cross the placenta like pethidine does.
    to be honest i didnt feel it kick in or anythin when i had it but when it wore off i really felt it! might be worth an ask?
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