What size clothes?

Hi Girls,

Sorry i'm gate crashing from the pregnancy forum but i need some advice (have also posted on pregnacy)

Went out shopping for the first time to buy some clothes for the babs and i'm tottally confused do i buy newborn or 0-3months? I know u can't really judge until he/she is here but u need clothes for when he/she is in the hospital.

Please help as i have a shopping urge



  • Hiya.

    We bought a few newborn sizes but mostly 0-3 months. If you end up having a big baby then the newborn sizes could be wasted. We learnt this the hard way when our 1st was born. She was so long and we ended up giving all her newborn stuff away, some of which she'd never worn. I'd personally just get a few bits and if your LO is big you haven't wasted to much, and they'll fit in it you can easily buy some more.

  • I would buy a few newborn sleepsuits and vests but don't bother with clothes as you will get lots of presents.

    I had a big baby (9lb 1oz and 56cm) but he was still in newborn for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

  • i just got a few newborn bits the rest was 0-3 but dd was born at 32+5 at 4lb 11oz so everything was massive, so we had to buy tiny and early baby stuff.

  • i didn't buy many newborn clothes as i was told JJ was going to be a big baby and even though he was fairly big at 8lb 5oz i had to go out and buy newborn clothes and he was in them for about 3-4 weeks!! x
  • Thank ye ladies soooooooo much.

    I can't wait to hit the shops now.

    Would ye purchase a blanket now or wait until u c if it's a boy or girl?

    Sorry about all the questions, i'm clueless ha ha

  • Barney had grown out of newborn by the end of his first week :roll: Next and M&S do an up to 1 month size which is quite good as it's bigger than newborn but not as big as 0-3
  • I had a small baby (5lb 14oz) so newborn stuff lasted her for ages before she went into 0-3.
    Fortunately my sis gave me lots of stuff.
    I would just buy 0-3 as they do tend to grow out of newborn pretty quickly.
  • personally i would only buy a few items in each until you know what size they are - a max of 7-10 items each size should do. you can always go get some more afterwards.

    Ollie had newborn stuff and he grew out of it within two weeks, so we had loads of things that he had never worn as he was far too big for them...

    we found that if we mentioned to people beforehand that we would appreciate vests and all in ones, instead of outfits as gifts, they got us those and it was more practical than outfits..

  • I bought a few tings in newborn and 0-3mths. They lasted me quite a while. My problems came when he was born he was just under 7lb and the newborn hung off him and were prety useless til he was about 4wks. Had to send my parents out to buy him something to wear while we were in the hospital (he was born by section).

    W had loads of presants of clothes as well, some he never got to wear!

  • Cole was 7lb5 & fitted newborn for 2-3 weeks I think it was. We bought I think 2 of those newborn sets (vest, babygrow, hat socks etc) and some newborn trousers and we were given a few (unworn) newborn vests and that was plenty. The rest we had 0-3 and it was too big for him for a little while but we just rolled the sleeves on the babygrows up and put up with it rather than buym ore stuff that he'd grow out of in 5 mins. We also got bought a few things in newborn too.

    Personally I'd say only buy a handful of newborn things as you can always buy more if you need them image
  • same as the other girls i only brought a few newborn things and the rest in 0-3 even tho she was in her newborn stuff for 3 weeks family brough aload of stuff for her in newborn size and your be surprsied how fast the grow out of it and get into 0-3
  • Hey Hun,

    Amber was 6lb 15oz born, the midwife said she would be 9lb min haha so we had only a few things newborn and had to rush out and get more when we got home as all the stuff was way too baggy. We live in Germany and they have clothes for lo's so were fine there as they put her in tiny baby stuff.

    Mothercare is really good as there newborn stuff is bigger, Amber was in her newborn stuff until she was 3months old! I would get about 6vests and 6sleepsuits in newborn, primark is so so cheap or asda if you are worried that they wont last long image xx
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