A grunting baby-HELP


Isobelle is now 4 weeks old and for the last week she has been grunting,pushing and sqeaking at night.Does anyone have experience with this?Its like she is trying to shift some wind.It starts about 3am and lasts until 7am or later.sometimes she appears to be asleep whilst doing all thism5o you think she is ok?I have been to the docs but he said its normal but she seems in pain.


  • i had a grunter and it used to keep me awake all night! he would also be asleep when he was doing it! in the end we moved him into his nursery at 5 weeks so i could get some sleep and he eventually grew out of it! It is nothing to worry about and i posted on here at the time (as like you i was very concerned) and there were lots of other mummies who also said they had noisy sleepers!

    try not to worry and i hope you can get some peace very soon x x
  • My lo has always been a fidget and a noisy sleeper - I've just got used to it although in the early days it used to keep me awake as I was new to mummyhood and worried she was waking up, in pain, hungry etc etc etc. As it turns out she's just a fidget bum and makes allsorts of wonderful noises lol.

  • Oh thanks ladies.Its nice to know I'm not the only one.I was feeding whilst typing the message on my mobile so I'm sorry if it didn't fully make sense.
  • Glad i saw this thread as our little one is also a grunter at night time! He doesn't seem to do it during the day but at night time he really goes for it! My hubby got up and slept downstairs the other night as little one was keeping him awake, lol! x
  • My newborn was grunting (still does) especially before he starts rooting for food. At first I thought it was trapped wind as he seemed to grunt then trump (elegant little man) so used some infacol before feeds.

    He still grunts lots in his sleep - nothing makes him stop unless he's drinking!
  • Mine too! My lo is fine until about an hour after his early morning feed, and I always think he is trying to push his wind out! I lie him on his side next to NMR and rub his back for a little while. Seems to help with the grunting
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