Who would you leave lo with........

I've got to leave lo with someone while I go to a funeral. I's prefere to take her but my mum said I cant as it's no place for babies and I'm not going to go against her wishes as its her dad (my grandads) funeral.

My options..........

1 - My aunts friend is going to look after my brothers step children at my nans house, this person would be a total stranger to my lo if she'll have Louise as well but would have the advantage that this is the closest place to leave her and I would leave her for the least amount of time.

2 - My friend - I could ask a friend who had a 7 month old and 2 older children who will be at home to help and are great with the babies. We see my friend lots so she is a familier person and know Louise quite well.

3 - My pil - they are quite good with Louise and would be happy to help out if they can though they dont know her as well as my friend.

Trouble with options 2 and 3 are that we will be an hours drive away from both places so she would definately need 1 milk feed if not 2 and she is still refusing to take a bottle. If she has to she'll have a couple of ounces - either formula or ebm.

I really am torn! I dont want to leave her with a stranger but I dont want to leave her for hours either!

What do you think? what would you do?




  • I would leave Charlotte with someone I and she knows as overall it will be easier. I know you said it's a long drive but I'm sure you will be more "worried" if you left her with a stranger and she will settle more with someone she's familiar with. Plus option 2 she has playmates for a while. xx
  • jbean - I'm dreading it too, I've never been to a funeral of someone that is in my family (but have to my dh'd grandparents) Hope your grandads one goes as well as it can too.
  • Sorry Loopy Loo I forgot to send my condolences to you. Hope everything goes ok xx
  • Sorry to hear about your grandad hun. I think I would probably leave your lo with the person who is she is most familiar with as she'll be more likely to settle with them. I hope everything goes ok

    Hilary x
  • Sorry to here about your Grandpa.

    I think it'll be important for you to leave lo with someone you know so that you can be completely at ease. Would it be possible for your friend or PIL to be at your house, that way your not so far away so more likely o relax. It is exceptional circumstances so they should understand.

    I had a friend recently who left her lo with someone when she hadnt really taken a bottle before and with mum out the way and a new face to get attention from she wolfed down the bottle in no time! Its amazing what out Los will do whenwe're not there to rely on! lol.

  • hi honey ,its a tough one isnt it ...i had my grandads funeral on monday and my nanna said she didnt think sophia should be there cos its no place for lo's ...it was simple she came or i didnt go ...jack was in nursery so that wasnt a problem ..i wouldnt ever take him now he is bigger ...but sophia was 1 week old!...an auntie who i never see even commented outside the church that she hd better not cry .....i think she knew by the look on my face to shut up ..lol....how old is ure lo?? i think if she is past the sleeping in the day stage then u need to leave her with the person u are most comfortable with as u will be feeling emotional anyway without the added worry .........sorry not much help ...hope all goes well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks everyone,

    my friend is going to have Louise at her house, she thinks her older children will enjoy it and is happy to help.

    unfortunately both options are just as far away as my house.

    the service will be 45 minutes then there is just a gathering at my nans flat - it's not a tiny flat but about 50 people are expected to fit in it! so with that new knowledge it's even better for louise to be left somewhere else.

    chuffedbaby2 - I think with a 1 week old you did the right thing - I wouldn't have wanted to leave Louise then either
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