Light show?

Anyone have one and can recommend it?



  • We have a Tomy Winnie the Pooh one and the boys love it. Plays for either 5 or 10 mins and will come on when they make a sound.
  • we have got a fab one which is by tomy its winnie the pooh ??20 from tesco at the mo! it has a day and night mode, night mode has a side and ceiling show and day has a light show on the side, it has a volume ajuster and a fab setting that means it switches on automatically when baby cries, it doesnt come on with wingeing only a loud cry, its a great feature saves having to go switch it on and off!!

    becca and jacob
    6 weeks, 6 days
  • we have the vtech dream light show and toby absolutely hates it always has - it has really good reviews though so i think its just and awkward little man.

    Would you like to borrow it so you dont waste money on something sam is not going to like????
  • I've got the Winne the Pooh one too and my LO loves it! Definately a winner image
  • we also had the tomy winnie the pooh one but i took it back. although it had a volume control the quietest setting was still too loud at night time and you cant have the light show on without the music which is a shame x
  • Thanks ladies - very interesting! Steph, didn't realise you couldn't have the lights without music - that defeats the point of us getting one because we only wanted the lights!
    Thanks so much for the offer Summer - will have a think and let you know xx
  • i know same, the lights would help settle him at night but the music would stimulate him!! x
  • Ours is a tomy one and it was about 12 pound from Babies R us. It plays music and lights. There is a choice of how long it plays for and what song you want. Lily still likes it now and she is 19 months old! It sits on her chest of draws near her bed and she asks us to put it on some nights. I wished we'd found it sooner as we didn't get it until she was nearly 6 months old. x
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