fao Tuesdae

In reply to yr question on the other post. Korma is quite a good curry to start them on as you can add cream or yogurt to it to cool it down. Don't put many spices in. Just enough so you can only just taste them. Also sweet potato is good to add to cool it down.

Charlotte enjoyed her curry! I think she can get bored with some food. I've given her chilli con carne with some mild chilli powder in with basmati rice and she likes that too.

Charlotte also only has 17oz if milk a day - if that. Sometimes she only has 10oz but I try and give her extra dairy like cheese & yoghurts.


  • If you mean a jar of baby chicken curry you don't have to add anything as it's very mild. Cow & Gate do a creamy chicken curry.

    I wouldn't buy an adult version and feed it to lo as it's probably too salty. I would make it myself so you have full control over the spices going into it.
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