am I getting into bad habit - sleeping?

Grace is quite a challenge to get to sleep in her cot at the moment. She will go off straight to sleep at night (usually shattered). However, during the day at naptime, she's obviously tired (eye rubbing, thumb sucking) but when I put her in the cot she grins, rolls over onto her front and starts wriggling around. If we lift her out & put her on the bed instead she goes straight off to sleep. I think it must be the comfy cushions as opposed to hard flat mattress in her cot. Am I getting into bad habits by letting her sleep on the bed?
She's such a wriggle bum, my hubby found her asleep this morning lying sideways with her head resting against the bars. How on earth do you stop them getting into such positions?!



  • Our little one is the same. She sleeps all over the place, have found her upside down, sideways, head against the bar. Dont know how or why! In the day for nap-times she usually falls asleep on the sofa while trying to get somewhere but i find if i let her sleep on top of her duvet she goes straight off to sleep. You could give it a go and see what happens.

  • I'm the same as Katie - i figure as long as he's sleeping, it doesn't matter too much where, then he knows at night his cot is for his nice long night-time sleep. I don't think it's too much of a problem as if we're ever out anywhere and he needs a nap with a bit of persuasion he will sleep whereever we are xx
  • I'm kindof the opposite. If I'm at home when it's time for a daytime nap he goes in his crib with the curtains open and the light on so he knows it's daytime. If we're out then he'll sleep in his pram etc.
    I guess it's just cos I worry that he'll start moving about so I can't leave him napping on the sofa for long but he's safe in his crib and i can get on with some houseowrk or log on here for a wee while. S x
  • I always put lo in his cot for naps! he has been struggling lately because if he cries hubby gets him back down when i am at work, so then i spend all week getting him back into his routine!
    The worst thing you can do is put her on your bed, she will remember and that is why she tries it on because she knows she will get to go in your bed!
    Have you done controlled crying?
    My lo doesn't always cry but you can still do the technique if she is just messing about, Ellis throws his dummy to get me to go up, when i do i just lie him back down and give him his dummy, the first time i say to him its nap time, the next time i just do the same but only shush him, then the third time i dont say a word, just lie him down and walk out, at which point he cries for a minute then goes to sleep because he knows he isn't getting anywhere!
    I can always get him down for a nap because he knows i don't react but hubby gets stressed and for an easy life brings him back down, often when i have been at work lo hasn't slept all day and is really cranky when i come home!
    You need to be strong and not give her any attention! which i know is really hard but its for the best.
    mine wriggles all over the place and a sleeping bag was a life saver for me!
    Ellis has 2 one hour naps a day and sleeps from 5:30pm til 7am- i have him well trained with this technique! LOL
    Hope this helps

  • Thanks all. Samantha - yes, we've done controlled crying which I agree does work. Trouble is it's not so much crying, just wriggling and ending up with her head stuck against the bars. She can seem really sleepy until the second I put her in the cot & then she starts playing!
    She's curled up in our bed at the moment looking very cosy. Oh dear. I'll try with the lunchtime nap today to get her in the cot.

    To be honest at the moment, any sleep anywhere is good. They've had a cold for over a week & haven't been able to sleep due to coughing and/or blocked nose. Trouble is with twins, when you eventually get one to sleep after an hour of screaming, then the other one wakes up..... We finally got them to sleep through last night, only for someone from my husband's work to phone at 4am. I don't think I'm ever going to sleep again!! Tired isn't the word..... I just feel so sorry for them poor things, they have tiny wee noses and a lot of snot going on there!

    Both are sleeping now. Think I'll switch off the computer & get 40 winks myself. Thanks for all the comments

    Emma Grace & Elizabeth xxx
  • oooh poor you! It must be a nightmare trying to get them down at the same time! xx

    My lo often has his morning nap on my bed, just for a cuddle if nothing else. He has the other naps in his cot or pram, or on me. It hasnt effected the routine!! xx
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