Nursing Chair recommendations please!

I really want a nursing chair but have found the most comfortable to be the expensives chairs the Dutailier range. Has anyone ordered from Mums2be and can compare them to Dutailier?


  • i just thopught id say that i dont have a nursing chair. i feed baby during the night in my bed sat up propped up with cushions as she sleeps next to me in her cot. during the day i feed her while sat on the sofa while watching tv! shes 17 weeks. if we had a nursing chair it would have been in her bedroom and there is no way i would have gone to sit on it every time she needed feeding. just thought id mention it as for me it would have been an unneccesary cost.
  • I have a Babyweavers sliding chair, its great, sitting on the bed to feed in the night ended up giving me backache
  • I have a nursing chair and for the first 10 weeks of Hugo's life, I thought it was a complete waste of money as he was in our room in a moses basket and I just fed him in bed.

    Now, I can't believe I almost didn't get one! It's in Hugo's room and at 7 and a half months he's still not sleeping through so I use it every single night. It's also very comfortable and on the times when Hugo has had a cold/been ill/particularly hard to settle, I've spent many an hour at a time holding him, and it's been great.

    I have a Dutalier one though so can't comment on the other brand.
  • I didn't have a nursing chair either - I just sit on the sofa. If people are here and I don't want to feed in front of them I just sit on a bed with my back against the pillows (we have a sofa in LOs room for night feeds). I find both options perfectly comfortable.

    HOWEVER I was out and about a month or so ago and ended up feeding Toby in one of the feeding rooms in Mamas and Papas. They had a Dutalier nursing chair with footstool and OH MY GOD it was heaven!!! I have never been so comfortable, whether BFing or not!! I immediately came out and told my husband that we would be getting one for our next baby, lol! However I then saw how expensive they are and we have since moved to another country where I don't think you can get them, which is probably for the best!

    So I can totally understand why you would want a Dutalier but if it's not within budget I would not bother getting a second rate one unless I was absolutely sure it would be as good - you really don't need one, the sofa/bed are fine (or pretty much any chair would do too). It won't be long before you are out and about with baby during the day and the chair will get used less and less as you get used to feeding LO anywhere and everywhere.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - and if you do find something which is really as comfortable as a Dutalier please post and let me know!!

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  • I wasn't sure how much use we'd get out of ours so we bought a pretty little armchair and footstool from Ikea for Matilda's room. As it was, it didn't get used til about 10 weeks when she went in her room. I use it every night now but figure it will also do her a good few years as it doesn't necessarily look like something that's in a baby's room . Just a thought x
  • Thanks very much for all your replies and thanks Lara for the comparison betweent the two, if anyone has anymore posts to add please let me know as still deciding x
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