What Is Going On With This World?!

ok first we have this terrible stuff with baby p...now a mother has stabbed her 2 year old and 5 month old...omg!!! what is going on?!?!?!?! x


  • Have to say it was something me and oh said before we had Alfie-what kind of world are we bringing our lo into? Something truly horrific must have happened to that mother to think that was her only choice. Those poor, poor children.
  • apparently a health professional phoned the police about their concern for the mother before it happened and now she's been sectioned so it's obv a mental illness...i'm thinking severe pnd with having a 5 month old...what could drive a mother to do this? terrible! x
  • and on top of that a woman has been arrested in Leeds this morning for leaving two babies, 7 months and 18 months at home by themselves while she went out
    I really worry about the workd my kids are growing up in.
  • just been watchin sky news and they've confirmed that the mother is being held under the mental health act and sectioned!!! they showed pics of the children too, absolutely beautiful, beautiful children!!! i personally don't understand why ppl do it! i know mental health issues can cause you to do things that you usually wouldn't, but why wouldn't u get help before you got to that point? r.i.p lo's!!!
  • It's a true tragedy, for both the children and their mother.
    I also think its bad that social services, health professionals don't help mothers with PND or other mental illnesses, or assume it is not as bad as the mother says, people like this need help and support to look after their kids so they dont feel this is their only choice...its so, so sad.
    Personally I think (from an outsiders perspective anyway) this is totally different from the Baby P case where it was clearly cruelty in cold blood.....
    Bit of a contraversial view, hope it doesnt offend. I really feel for those 2 children, may they rest in peace. x
  • I agree with you Tigerlilly! with baby P it was prolonged abuse over a huge amount of time and it was thought about! With these two babies it seems as though the mother has snapped and lost control. Social services should be doing more to help people with PND and protect the children. The worring thing is you hear of so many children that have genuin accidents and social services jump in and take the children when there is no need yet when there is clear abuse going on how come they don't see it? How can you visit someones house 60 times and not see it??? xxx
  • It is just awful! I can't bear all this that is happening lately, those poor babies!
    Does anyone not think any of this could be drug related? I may be completely off the mark as it is perfectly possible it could be pnd but you know how drugs can f**k with peoples heads.

    We truly live in a screwed up world and I for one worry myself sick what I am bringing my precious baby boy into!!!
  • I am not a newbie but have created a diff user name so that I do not breach confidentiality.

    What I want to add is that I have known a mum with a mental health issue ask for help from social services and not a response. only after she was addmited for treatment did she get help, and again she was brave enough to ask for it. Even then, the professionals involved struggled particular mum as they did not understand her illness.

    Social services do not have the right funding to do thier job properly, the are understaffed and over worked. I am not saying this as an excuss for any of the cases in the news at the moment. Am personally disgusted that social services are like this.

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