Harri is 11 months today, and has started having tanrums already! HAs anyone got a little one the same age who has tantrums,,,,,or even younger. He has a filthy temper on him! I think hes gonna be a handfull when he gets older! Hes having a tantrum now as i type lol xxx


  • jayden started having tantrums about 10/11months and they aint no better now at 13 months, hes going to be a nightmare i just know it!!
  • HoHo welcome to my world!Ben is now 15mths but hes been having tantrums for ages,they are getting worse and worse as the mths go by,now he throws himself with such force backwards onto the floor and screams and kicks his feet!
    Best way to deal with it i find though it aint easy,is to ignore i try to walk away and leave him,he soon gives in and comes walking up to me chattering away like nothing had happened!lol
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