Bladder control after delivery?

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for a bit of advice. I gave birth to my son 19 days ago He was 9lbs 11oz so pretty big! I haven't had any bladder control problems like dribbles or leaks or anything and have been doing pelvic floor
exercises loads but when I am having a pee and try to stop mid flow I can't do it no matter how hard I squeeze my pelvic floor muscles. Its REALLY stressing me out!

Do you think this is normal 19 days after delivery?




  • Yes, definately.
    I was the same and when I needed to go I had to do straight away as it was hard to hold in, luckily I had no leaks either.
    I did my pelvic floor exercise and everything is completely back to normal now, LO is 10 months.
  • I had a lot of trouble after dd was born - she was almost 9lb, and I did have leaks etc and was really freaked out till I realised what it was! It took a good while for the control to fully return, but if you keep up the exercises it will come back.
  • I had a nearly 9lb baby, and I had had issues with my pelvic floor. I am a runner, and obviously went back to it. It took about 4 weeks to return to normal.

    5months on and everything is fine, and have a half marathon in 5 weeks image
  • My lo is almost 11m and I had a few problems to start with. I couldn't hold it when I had to go I had to go. However now it is back to normal and I can hold it. Luckily with 2 small children to care for. Toilet trips are low on the agenda!

    You'll get back to normal don't worry. It is still early days.

    PS my 2nd son was 10lb1oz and I had him naturally......
  • Just wanted to add that my ds, 6months on Monday was huge, but I had emergency c-section. The weight of him put pressure on my pelvic floor again, so shows how important it is to do the exercises and keep doing them. Mind you he was 12lb 5oz born, so hardly surprising I guess!

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  • dd was only 8lb at birth and i struggled at times too! it's all good now though. she was 5 months today!
  • Hi,
    my lo was only 6pounds when born prem..however
    I had to be cut in order to assist the delievery.. the lady
    who cut me even commented " what a great pelvic floor u have" then sliced through it image
    I was in hospital for a week... Coz of lo... I had the normal bleed but not much... Then I noticed more liquid coming out.. At first when I mentioned it to the nurse she said it was normal... So I just assumed it was still fluid from my womb draining still... But then I noticed that when I laughed/sneezed or coughed I'd soak the pad...
    I had also lost the " I need to go" wasn't aware i needed to go.. Until I'd laughed and then it came gushing out!
    I was soo embarrised and thought I'd spend my life in tena lady!
    But overtime it got better....was doing my pelvic floor exercises... And at first I couldn't stop and hold my pee but that has come back!
    I still don't have much warning when I need to go... And especailly if I put my hands in water! I usually have to run!
    Hope this has helped...keep on with exercises!! It will improve soon!
  • you can get pelvic floor excisers to make sure your doing them properly also if its really bad, get your gp to refer to you a pysio as this will help and also prevent any futer problems.
    i'm lucky in a way as i havent had a wee in over 5 years! so didnt have to worry about my pelvic floor.

    also try and not drink caffene (includine tea and chocolate!) stay away from anything citric and drink plenty of water.
    a good exercise is half way through having a wee is to stop the flow and hold it for 30 secs, wee a but more and do it again. (this is a proven way to strenghen them, its what a pysio will tell you)

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