Sorry if TMI - But i'm worried

Hi ladies,

sorry if this is TMI or a bit yeuck, but Archie is now 6 weeks old and i'm still bleeding. It was really heavy for first 2 weeks, then it ebbed off a bit for a further 2 weeks, stopped for 4 days, now im back to using maternity pads as the flow is really heavy again and ive noticed there are clots in it too.

im ringin my hv monday, but just thought id ask you ladies first as many experiences is better than one persons opinion!! i am startin to feel a bit drained, and ive always been a bit iron dificiant, altho not thru my pregnancy.

thanks for any advice



  • Have you felt well although drained? I bled for 6 wks as well, but on wk 3 I was unwell with a high temp and flu like symptoms. I had some abdominal pain when I was examined by the community mw, I was sent into hospital and scanned where they found a 3.5cm clot sat in my womb. It wasn't big enough for them to do a D&C so I passed it myself but I had 3 wks worth of antibiotics to rid of the infection.

    You should definitely get it checked out, hope things are ok xx
  • to be honest, i havent had a second to stop and think about it. my oh has bad seizures so i do all the nightshifts, as waking in the night induces his seizures. i had a massive clot come away before it ebbed off originally (size of egg, no joke) around 2 weeks ... ill get checked out and hopefully nothing is wrong!!!
  • I had a PPH when I had Kelsie. The clot I had then was about 12cm image I lost 5 pints of blood and nearly didn't make it. As you can probably understand I was very worried about the same thing happening again, and although it didnt after labour I was still concerned when I was at home. I had a clot about the size of a golf ball, rang MW and told her and she said unless its size of tennis ball the not to worry as its perfectly normal! Heavy clots could be a sign you are overdoing things, and you need to take it easier. Its ok if the clots come out, but if they stay in you they are more serious then. I don't want to worry you but seriously try and slow down. Have you got your mum or a sister to help you out so you can have a couple of hours rest?

  • I bled for about 12 weeks and it was more like a really long period, no clots thankfully. I was getting really fed up and like you felt drained. I started taking the pill again and it stopped.
  • hi ladies, thanks for your advice!! im on the mini pill, which i thought'd help with the bleeding, guess not! im going to talk to hv or doc tomorrow and see what they say.... i dont think im over doing it, but i am doing all the nightshifts as my oh has terrible seizures. will hav to see !!
  • hey, i bled for ages. i started taking pill at 21days post-labour as advised by midwife. i continued to bleed. had 6 week check. still bleeding. spoke to dr and he said this was due to going back on pill. i didnt stop til i had my 7 day break, and started my next pack. so thats what about 7-8weeks. but everyone is different.
  • im on the mini pill so i dont get a break from it ... ill speak to hv visitor tomorrow when i take archie for weigh in. fingers crossed theres nothing wrong as i cant afford to go into hosp or owt !!
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