Finger foods - tips & advice please :\)

Hello ladies,

Im looking for advice and tips please ... image

I was talking to my hv about finger foods and she suggest baby rice cakes. I brought some cow and gate ones on my way home. I tried one myself and I hsd to bite it whereas my when my hv suggested them she said they are gd as they dissolve in mouth! I did give it to my daughter, howver she has two bottom teeth. she was biting big chunks off and not swallowing it before taking next bite. So I stopped her having anymore. She appeared to be enjoying her independence of holding her own food and cried when I got rid of the rice cake.

Please can you give me ideas of how i can introduce her to finger foods. Also what foods, do literally dissolve in mouth that she wont choke on?

Thanks in advance xxx :\)

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  • I gave my lo finger foods from 6 months (as soon as I started weaning) and he had NO teeth till 10 months but LOVED his finger foods. He never got on with rice cakes so we didn't bother with them. Things we did try and he likes are:
    Organix crunchy carrots sticks (v messy but DO dissolve)
    Baby courgette (boiled - to start with he just sucked the middle out of them then got the hang of chewing the skin)
    baby carrot (boiled)
    grapes (cut in half)
    peas (boiled)
    bread sticks
    toast cut into fingers with cheese spread
    sliced banana
    tinned peach slices (in juice not syrup)
    Any other tinned fruit
    green beans (boiled)
    ummmmmmmmmmm sure there are others but can't think now - hope that's given you some ideas.
  • rice cakes are a good one to start with,they do dissolve if sucked and slobbered on!!lol
    I started finger foods b4 grace had any teeth so im sure lo will be fine,grace is 7 mths and has toast,rice cakes,organix baby biscuits,raisins,chunks of banana,cut up grapes,green beans.She does have 2 bottom teeth now but iv not had any issues with her not being able to handle finger foods b4 her teeth came thru xxx
  • My lo has had toast (with butter, jam, cheese spread or marmalade lol), sandwiches with cheese spread, organix carrot puffs, rusks, and chips! lol (home made chips). He has no teeth but it doesnt seem to cause a problem!!!
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