Ive got gall stones!

Just got back from hospital agai after being in agony again, turns out the liver test etc is because i have gall stones, i had morphine which didnt agree with me and sent my bp down so been sent home with some other tabs to help with pain til i see my dr about having them removed. Has anyone else had gallstones and how did they rmove them?? thanks sara


  • Oh no you poor thing! Lady next to me in hospital when I had lo had them and they told her they do it with lasers I think. Maybe someone more medical will know. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  • i think they tend to shatter gall stones into tiny pieces and then they usually come out naturally. not sure though.

    Alex Evie xxx
  • oh no! at least you know why you were in pain! hope it gets sorted soon

  • god this is freeky sara i had gall stones after i had anne and had to have my gall blader removed they did key hole surgery but lets hope they do not have to take your gall blader out just the stones as having mine removed made me put weight on and i also got ibs after.

  • Well i can't really help because i've never had them or known anyone with them but i'm sure after reading these comments your feeling tonnes better. not. lol. Check it out on google, it will tell you everything you need to know like how they start to how they come out.

    Sorry not much help.

    Lisa xxx
  • My sister had gall stones when she was pregnant and she could barely eat for the last 2 months of her pregnancy and lost loads of weight whilst pregnant, she is still in agony after having lo and has been back in hosp, and is now waiting for an op date, they have said to her it will be key hole surgery, but she is actually having the gall bladder removed to stop it returning because they said once you get them they may keep coming back, but its meant to be day surgery so i wouldn't worry too much!!
    Good luck xx
  • no i think i need a new house, next to a hospital lol
  • I had my gallbladder out last year by keyhole surgery. Had it done approx 4pm and went home next day. It was such a relief to have ot out. One of the stones was the size of a marble so no wonder I was in so much agony. You'll feel so much better once it's been removed.
  • hi julesb31 how long did it take from diagnosing to getting the op, what pain relief worked for you while you were waiting. I sooo dont want the pain to return, only got diclofenac if it does, doubt it will work cos morphone didnt work. thanks sara
  • wat are gallstones? x
  • i've got to have mine removed due to family history of gall bladder problems, all the females on my mums side have had serious gall stones and had their gall bladders removed and my nan died 2 years ago of gall bladder cancer, i was 3 weeks prem cuz my mum was soooo ill with hers they had to get me out so they could do the surgery for her...i haven't got a clue when mine's getting done but it'll be done by key hole surgery which i guess will probably be nothing compared to having a section! hope u feel better soon x
  • My mum was diagnosed last week, theres a 12 week waiting list here in wales! They have to operate for gall stones, my mums have done a lot of damage so she has to have her gall bladder out!
    Bless you, shes rolling around in pain and off work until the op so i sort of understand!
    Apparently though its only keyhole surgery to have stones or the bladder out! Hope you get a date soon!x
  • I was on extra strong painkillers which worked quite well. They were double the strength of normal ones. I got used to the feeling i'd get jus before the pain got really bad so that helped. I found a hot water bottle helped aswell. I had to wait about 8 months for my op that was after they finally diagnosed it after 4 years of agony. . When I had a really bad time and was off work for 2 weeks i thought they might speed it up but no!! Wasn't bad enough!! Hope u don't have to wait too long.
  • wow jules 8 months omg! how often did you have the attacks?? and how long did it last, mine at min are every 1-3 weeks and last up to 5 hours. morphine didnt take pain off so dont know what will!!
  • i had gallstones when i was 27 had key hole out with in 2days morphine work for me hope ur in before xmas
  • how long from your diagnosis did your op take? how often did your attacks happen?
  • I used to get an attack approx every 1-2 weeks. Some would jus be mild and others would last up to 4-5 hours. The worst I had lasted 2-3 days varying from mild pain to chronic. The pains awful isn't it. When I first got it (before i knew what it was) i thought i was gonna die!! Hot baths can sometimes relieve the pain aswell.
  • i try hot baths, mine is every 1/3 weeks but last 2 lasted over 5 hours. its so bad, hurts so much i was crying my eyes out begging for pain relief, i go to hosp on tue so hoping it wont be long. did you go to a & e when it got bad or did you stay at home?? they have given me diclofenac to take, dont know if it will work, i'm praying it will, my stools sorry tmi have had white stuff in them like white blobs??
  • i went 1year before my op went to a&e +hosp lots of times had dr out for painrelief in i coundnt eat anythink mine was about the same as youres
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