Just seen the news, we're the most easterly point in Britain and we're gonna get loads of snow!! I'm sooo excited - I love snow!! image

Pointless post I know :roll:



  • Yay i love snow. makes everything all crisp and white and also a good excuse not to turn up at work when the 'car won't start!' lol Evie loves the snow!!!
  • We have a 'extreme weather alert' image Hope we get loads and loads!!

  • ohhhhh...we live in the Middle East at moment and it was 29 today...... I not showing off...i am gutted. I LOVE snow.....really love it!!!!!!!!!! From NE england so do get lots of snow when it does snow. Boo Hoo...want to go home now

    d xx
  • They give in really heavy sun/mon! I have a funeral monday going to freeze!
  • I HATE SNOW WITH A PASSION and want to go and live with dee dee!!!!
  • I love snow too, really hope we get some 'down south' image
  • Garfield, are you in Suffolk??? I think I read that on another post? Or have i gone mad. I'm in Norfolk does that mean it will snow here too?? I don't want it to snow cause it will make me panic that we won't make it to hospital in time!!!!LOL My other kids will love it though!!!
    Holly 40+2
  • Hi Kyan2012. Yeah we're in suffolk!! Daren't post where though!! Have you got a FB account? I love the snow so much! xx
  • I don't blame you for not wanting to post where as there seem to be a few weirdos on here at the moment.
    I have read the posts on here for a couple of years (took a while to have the courage to actually reply to any posts though lol) and can't remember people posting nasty things for no reason.
    I have not got FB account. Do you talk to freddiemum? I think she has chatted on here with you before. She is also in Norfolk. (We work together when i'm not on maternity leave). Lets just say it will take am hour for me to get to the N&N and i live in the coastal direction!!!
    I would also love the snow if A) i wasn't already waddling like a penguin that i may slip over as gravity is not on my side!!!!! B) the whole driving to the hospital thing..LOL
    Wow sorry for the ramble....
  • I saw that in teh news yest about snow sin and mon. Can you send some down to kent so we get a cecent amount this time!
  • Kyan - I think I know where you are. We're 25 mins from the coast, 45 mins from N&N. We have a local paper named after the town we live in (shared with another local town 6 miles away)

  • Well we had a REALLY red sky this morning so I reckon it's def gonna gets us-well anyone in the East. I do watch the weather too not just the sky!!x
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