Feeding and nappy changing - what order?

Hi there

Just wondering what order everyone does things in. With my first son he had severe reflux so we HAD to change his nappy before each feed as if we TRIED to change his nappy aftera feed all the milk just flowed back out of him. If he pooed during a feed he had to stay in that nappy for at least an hour as it was the lesser of 2 evils! My mum kept saying to me that we should move changing him to after a feed cos babies always poo while feeding - first son didn't always poo during feeds at all but I can see that changing after a feed could be preferable.

My second son is now 2 weeks old and exclusively breast fed and we struggle to keep him awake during a feed so we have fallen into the pattern that when he comes off one boob we change his nappy to rouse him and then he feeds from the other side. However, he often then poos during the second boob and then we have to change him again. He gets very nicely sleepy while feeding and then when we change him at the end he ends up wide awake again and difficult to settle.

So I just wondered what everyone else does and why???


  • I'm surprised he poos that often, to be honest. Peter would go up to five days without a poo when breastfed (ah, those golden days! image) so I did what you are doing, feed one side, change and then offer the other (which he usually took, the greedy little monkey). My only other suggestion, and it is a slightly dangerous one, would be to feed him naked (wrapping a blanket around you both if you are worried about him getting cold) and then put on a clean nappy afterward so that the change in temperature wouldn't be too great. Sorry, doubt that is very helpful but I can't seem to think of any other practical solutions at the moment.
  • Nappy then feed, if LO sleeps with poo in nappy then obviously not that bothered. It always made me feel a bit eeky but if it's between that and no sleep.....

    It will soon change later and lO won't poo as much.
  • We change before feed as after results in milk leaking out what seems like every orifice due to reflux. He only poos once a day really as that's normally in the middle of his morning nap! I often have to wake him fir feeds too, so changing nappy first ensures he's awake enough to feed too, and like you, if he doses off on the boob it doesn't matter as he's already clean!
  • THG - Max was the same when bf although he was worse he pooed in EVERY nappy where as Jack has some that are only wet but there are a lot of poos too. So I am not suprised at all! No way I would risk feeding him naked tho lol!

    I was just interested what other people do really.
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