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My lo has developed a squint :\(

Rhys eyes had always looked fine with no problems but the past couple of weeks i have noticed more and more often, but not all the time that his eyes wont align up and one will go in the opposite direction :\( Do you think this mean his eyesight is really bad and his eyes will do this all the time eventually?(he is 11 1/2 months)
Has anyone else lo got or developed a squint?
Thanks in advance xx

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  • My lo's eyes are ok but if you are concerned you really must see your gp/hv who may refer you if there is a problem. xx
  • I would agree with ccbmommy and pop in to see your hv or gp. It will help you to feel better and if there is a problem they're the best people to help with plenty of advice, experience and solutions. Bx
  • ello,
    Speak to your dr, who will refer you to the hospital.
    My daughter is 11mths and we noticed she had a squint at 2mths, it has become more obvious as she has got older. When I went for my 6wks check up my dr was unsure as lo crying. As I was persistent about it she referred me to the hospital. We have been going every 3mths since,

    Get it checked out, the younger they are the more likely it can get corrected.

    A squint doesnt mean your child has bad eyesight. My daughter looks like she is going cross eyed when she looks at things close up. What is actually happening is her left I is working to hard and over looking. As a result her muscles contract and turn in too far. She is long sighted (it is often genetic), I didnt realise until my oh mentioned it that his side are all longsighted. My side all short sighted!! Im currently trying to get her to wear her glasses. I wasnt too keen at first, but I now think the more I can get her to wear them, the sooner her eyes will get better.

    I dont want to scare you by my post, but just wanted to say that the sooner you get it treated...thats if it is a squint the sooner you can help treat your los eyes.

    Anyhow, I wont waffle on much more. If you want to ask anything, please feel free to email me.Also, the reason they offer glasses at such a young age, is the results are better, and it also avoids patching a childs eye when they are older. HTH xxx
  • Definately get it checked out sooner rather than later just in case.

    I have a bad squint and lazy eye and it wasn't treated in time as the docs thought my parents were imagining things so when I (and my mum)noticed a bit of a squint in cole's eye I got him referred straight away, and although they couldn't find anything obvious at the initial assessment i insisted on proper checks just to be on the safe side - I want to know I've done everythign possible for my boy. Looks like he's lucky as they haven't found anything bad yet.

    If you aren't noticing it allt he time it could be a latent squint - where its only obvious at certain times like when lo is tired - this is what i think cole has and its definately improving.

    babies eyes don't settle till around 6 months so if you are noticing stuff now then its definately worth getting checked out - although i'd say that only noticing stuff sometimes and only now is a good h opeful sign - apparently it was obvious with me from very young that my eyes were wonky.

    Joey - the specialist told me at cole's last appt that all babies are longsighted because of the shape of their eyes or something and the sight settles out as they grow. Didn't know short/long sightedness was genetic though - I know squints can be which is why i'm getting cole's checked out.
  • I have a squint and lazy eye. I had my squint corrected through surgery at 18 months and remember wearing a patch over my good eye to strengthen the muscles between the ages of about 4 and 6.
    I now only have a slight squint when I am tired (or drunk lol!)
    I have my eyes tested every 2 years at a normal opticians and have never needed glasses. They always notice my squint but have always said my eyesight is fine and glasses are not needed,
    Hope that helps a bit.
    I would go to your docs as the earlier it's caught, the less traumatic any corrective measures will be for your LO (I obviously don't remember my op at 18 months). I don't think the age that it's corrected has any bearing on the success though. I think it's purely that the earlier it's treated the quicker they bounce back from surgery/treatment etc.
  • Thank you for your replies ladies :\)

    I feel a bit more reassured now hearing from your experiences that his squint doesnt necessary mean bad news for his eye sight, although, i am aware that because i am short sighted so he may need glasses but was just so worried as someone i know has bad eye sight and a bad squint and automatically started thinking the worse!
    Joey - I didn't even realise that lo's could wear glasses at 11months! I hope they help her squint soon and thanks for being more than helpful allowing me to pester you with more questions if i need to ;\)
    I did think of taking him to the drs but thought he would just think im being a paranoid mother lol and not believe me as it doesn't happen all the time, and also didn't think they could be referred this young too!
    But now hearing from some of you experiences i will go and make a appointment!
    Thanks again xx
  • Have no advice as the ladies have been great as usual, but just wanted to say big hugs and I hope it turns out to be fine. Good luck with the appointment when you get one, these babies really are sent to make us worry! xxx
  • Thanks hun, its often does feel like its one thing after another!lol xx
  • Hi
    Elizabeth has a squint also & she is 13 months. We've noticed it get worse over the last few weeks, so I'm getting it checked out soon. The sooner you get things checked, the earlier they can do something about it. She's under a paediatrician anyway for a number of other things, so I'm going to get him to check it when I take her in. I'd be interested to see what advice you get.

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