Whats wrong with him?? may make you feel uneasy?!

Max has been grumpy a couple of days as some of you know from my post yest about constipation etc, but he has done poo's and i doubt its that! He is constantly crying wether being held or put down, also in the night he's waking crying all time!! not for food! He is now 4 months old. Heres the bit that may make you feel uneasy. I bought him a jumperoo and baby walker from ebay and have just noticed on his legs there are what look like needle marks, when you have them injected! there are about 4 marks which look like they have been bleeding a little, NOW i'm frantic and have searchged both the walker and jumperoo like mad to find if anything sharp there but cant find anything as yet! I'm worrying now that he has got something stuck in his or something I'M PROBABLY being insane! BUT I just dont know whats wrong with him, the cries are ack to full on screams! Gonna pull both things to pieces in a mo to check properly!


  • bless ya, has he been naked at all? david scratches his face and legs a lot when naked, maybe the screaming is teething, davids doing the same and is very unsettled at night!
  • hun i really dont want to scare u but maybe u should ring nhs direct and get him checked out ,u say he has pin prick type marks and is unsettled and crying a lot ,this is a symptom of meningites ,im sure it isnt but its not worth not checking him out ,im so sorry if i scare u but this happened to a friend of mine and it was meningites ,thanksfully they caught it in time and he is fine now ....keep us informed xxxxx
  • i thought about that! but they fade when the glass test is done! and looklike they have bled! i was thinking teething but hes only 4months, and it didnt seem as if it was that! Hes off everything I think its just a bad few days maybe! Checked the walker n jumperoo now and nothing in them! GOD knows!
  • it does sound like its maybe teething,grace is like this when she has a tooth coming.Nothing seems 2 settle her xxx
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