Gabe has always squealed a lot, he thinks its funny. But the last few days he is doing it ALL the time unless asleep lol. He shrieks and squeals and seeing as I live with the in laws, I think it is driving them mad!!! It is SO LOUD and high pitched. It doesnt bother me but it bothers the in laws and my oh works nights and am really scared he will wake him up....I really cant emphasise just how loud and constant it is!!!! Argh. any advice??


  • BOY OH BOY!!! Eoin did this for nearly two months!!! It was so high pitched too! He was so happy doing it... every waking moment. In the end I just ignored him and turned away when he done it and gave him attention when he stopped.. it worked quite well. But it seems he woke up one morning and decided he was gonna stop for good... thank the lord for that day!!! xxxx
  • Oh yes I remember that! lol!!
    Charlotte doesn't do it so much now except when we go shopping in Tesco. Something about it excites her..?!
    You can't really stop him doing it. One day he'll just stop. He's finding his voice and he'll find some other noise to make soon xx
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