Help! bugaboo cameleon raincover!!

i got a bugaboo cameleon & my mother (grr) has put my instruction booklet somewhere & so i am at a loss as to how to fit the raincover!!!
can someone help me please before ellie ends up soaked the next downpour we have??? idiots guide needed!!
thanks girls xxxx


  • hi

    I have a bugaboo cameleon and the raincover is really fiddly to get on so I cant really explain here but you can get the instructions on the bugaboo website
  • You need to have the hood fully up and then place the clear end over the hood, insert the rods into the silver sticky out bits, the elastic goes under the back and then you pull the black bit tight over where babys feet would be. Hope that makes sense? I
    f not I agree with floosie try the bugaboo website lol Did I see an another thread that you live in Ireland?
  • lol i think i've figured it out just can't understand why they have put the bloody baby window at their feet??? yes i live in northern ireland, where ur from xx
  • I have no idea, I dont like how the hood has to be fully up! I live in the south but we are up in the north all the time!! In fact we were in Banbridge today, we stopped in at Newry trying to find a carry case for th bugaboo but managed to get one on line tonight so Im delighted!!
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