FAO Lara & Chloe

Hi hun, how is SW going?!

Mine's going OK - have lost 11lbs in total ... but had a terrible day yesterday ...started with buying pepsi and diet pepsi and drinking the full sugar one by accident!!!!

Then later couldnt stop eating choc chip cookies argh! Why do I do it!! On the whole I find SW easy to follow but I do find eating out is especially difficult.

I think I need some motivation!



  • I've got a cold as well, grrr so annoying, I managed to escape winter without one so I think this is payback lol. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Diets are so annoying and I do feel sometimes 'what's the point?', it's like a constant battle: be slim or eat nice food! And 'eat nice food' seems to win out lol.

    Although...have you tried the chocolate sprinkles Muller lights? They're so good for sugar cravings - Mmmmm the orange one is so tasty!

    Hope you get back on the diet wagon soon! Try not to beat yourself up cos I know I do

  • Hi hun! It going any better for you?

    You can do it image
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