Weaning Tools!

I am getting Emilia some bowls and a sippy cup and looking for recommendations?

Joanna x


  • Hi there!!

    I can honestly say, when I was weaning Charlie I stood in that aisle of boots for about half an hr, lol, I had no idea!!!

    I've found the Tomme Tippee weaning pots really useful, come in a pack of three. Used them in the early days as bowls as to begin with they eat so little was hard to tell how much in a bowl, and now, I fill them with food to go in the freezer (but have found packs of 3 little tubs in Wilkinson for 97p which is waaaay cheaper for freezing portions of food!!!) I found the Tommee Tippee nuby cup invaluable to to begin with as a soft spout so easier transition from bottle/breast to cup. The colour changing spoons are good to to help test temp, but I never fully trust and still put to lip too. I think that's it...!

    Ooh I know some people never use, but I found a pack of baby rice invaluable to begin with, I mixed it with pureed fruit and also found it good to thicken any purees that I'd made a bit watery, but that's personal choice!!

    good luck and have fun!! I was really stressed to begin with but love it now!!!

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