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when do teething symptoms stop after teeth have cut??

this may be a silly question, but thomas (9.5 months) has cut his first two teeth over the last week - they are very sharp and they aren't very big yet but they have cut through. he has been dribbling so much and about 12 days ago had very very red cheeks, plus a runny nappy. his second tooth cut on wednesday. last night though he was very upset in the night, he wouldn't resettle, and whilst we went to get him a bottle we realised he'd filled his nappy, which he never does in the night anymore. it was a runny one, (he then drained his bottle of milk). he did a similar nappy again when we got up this morning and another one this afternoon. he isn't eating much solids, but is having more milk than normal (he goes through phases of eating solids less milk, then less solids more milk, he's a fussy eater)

his top was soaked through with dribble this evening.

so are the teething symptoms related to the teeth that he has just cut, or are there likely to be others on their way do you think? do the symptoms only occur in the run up to and as they are cutting them, or do they continue for a bit afterwards as they grow??

thank you!!! xx


  • It's so hard to tell with teething. With Al's first few teeth I would have said that it was the run up to them cutting through that caused the problems. However now he's cutting tooth number 8 (at nearly 14 months) and possibly some more but his symptoms have been goin on for quite some time - very very dribbly, runny nappies and grouchy for about a week now.
  • I would guess it is the next ones coming - but that doesn;t necessarilly mean they will come quick, be prepared for a couple of weeks of this! Teething sucks!
  • I have to be honest - I wasn't sure I even believed in teething symptoms - so many mummies seem to pass every little thing off as teething. However, I've had to take that back - now I definitely do!! The nappies and the face-clutching and the clinginess are the indicators here, a good week's worth (if not more) per tooth.

    I guess it's different for everyone, but I've found the symptoms go within a few days of the tooth cutting, so perhaps there are more on the way.

    Hope it's over with soon.
  • thank you for your replies. we have had bad nappies again today, and he's eating better today too so despite being a bit clingy every now and then there can't be much wrong with him and the nappies MUST be teething.

    (am hoping i haven't tempted fate now - i need some sleep tonight as first day back at work tomorrow!)

    i guess i'll just see if we get any more teeth over the next few days! xx
  • Aww poor Thomas (and mummy!), we are going through exactly the same at the moment. Wills second tooth came through a week or so after the 1st and for the last 2 weeks we have had fussiness with his food (hes usually a good eater), very clingy and wont be left, red cheeks, he wont sleep in his cot anymore yet jiffles all night in our bed and his nappies have been terrible! I thought it was because of teething but hes had them for over a week now and Im getting a bit worried. They are very runny, some mucusy/ phlegm like and vile smelling, a bit fishy even!! Good luck with going back to work tomorrow, and hope Thomas gets better soon x
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