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Which contraceptive pills with breastfeeding?


Just wondering if anyone has gone on the pill whilst breastfeeding. I've been on the same pill for 10 years and never had any problems, well, until i didn't take for a week last year and baby Zach was born 9 months later.

Anyway, my midwfie has said that she doesn't think i can take my pill whilst breastfeeding, it's Cilest. So i'm wondering how many of you have gone back on the pill, and which ones you use?


Cas. X


  • Don't know anything about your brand of pill, but you can only take the progesterone only pill while breastfeeding, which is the one you have to take at exactly the same time each day for it to work. You could try the contraceptive injection or the coil, these are safe. Or plain old fashionedrubber x
  • I am taking Micronor whilst breastfeeding. You do have to take it at the same time each day and if you are more than 3 hours late you need to use extra protection for a week. No problems with it apart from forgetting to take it a few times x
  • Hi,
    Im breastfeeding and I am on Cerazette which is safe during breastfeeding. You take it around the same time each day but it has a 12hr window which is alot better than the 3 hr window which alot of other mini pills have,
    Just aswell really as I have forgot loads of times, doh!!!!!!
  • Cerezette is definately the best because its a mini pill that works like a combined pill. I was on it before I got pregnant and have used it during breastfeeding too. 50% of women who take it get no bleeding at all which is great so I haven't had a real period for 3 years now!!! I got pregnant first month after coming off it so obviously doesn't effect your cycle from going back to normal after stopping it either. Some woman don't suit it and its a matter of trying it and seeing. About 10% get constant bleeding which is the opposite of me lol!
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