oh crumbs... jury summons...

Ive just popped round my mums and the posty popped a letter trough the door... for me, in my maiden name to my mums address (mine till 2 yrs ago!) and its a summons for jury service. it says its been picked at random from electoral register. but my mum hasnt put me down on it since I moved out two years ago... and Im down at my current address in my married name!! It says theres a ??1000 fine if you dont reply.... is it safe to ignore it do you think considering its in my maiden name to my old address(my parents address)???


  • oooooh how exciting!!! Don't you want to do it????
    I'd def phone/ reply just to let them know but why not??
    ps I loooove Judge Judy!!!
  • camlo... your so funny, made me giggle!! xxx
  • id love to do jury service!!! id reply dont think u will be safe to ignore it it is a crime! there are a few loopholes that u can get out of it.. and u get paid to do it!! ( i think) id reply and see if they still want you to do it in your new name etc! xx
  • i would reply hun just to be sure!

    i want to do it!!!! lol xx
  • I would call or write to say that name wasnt even supposed to be on the electoral role as it no longer exists! Then see if you could do what Bubblez says. xxx
  • your not pregnant are you, apparently if you are you dont have to do it lol x
  • I'd love to do it but only if I got an intresting case not something boring like tax fraud! *yawn!* lol x
  • no dont ignore it babe, you have to have very good reason not to do it. i would have loved to do iy but yes in reality its rare you get a good case, and i would hate to leave my lo for that long x
  • Oooo ill do it! Id love to do it. Im always hoping i will get summoned. even if the case is boring it beats work
  • I did it last year and spent 3 days sitting i a waiting room reading a book while the accused swithered between guilty or not guilty. Pleaded guilty, so no jury required. Sent home. Waste of time ! S x
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