can anyone help re:tax credits and mat grant.

hi ladies i wonder if anyone can answer my qu? i got my tax credit award through this morn, we have been awarded the baby element of ??418.50 and basic element of ??418.50. this is based on last years earnings but this year will be approx ??5000less. I dont want to bother telling them about the reduction in income unless it is likely we will get the ??500 surestart grant as theextra money will come in handy next year, but i dont want to miss the chance to claim if we would be entitled.image


  • Hi Ilovepicknmix.

    I had a look on the website for you and it states that you can get the sure start grant if you receive the following child tax credit:

    - Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family
    From April 2010 to April 2011 this means a rate of
    ??548 a year or more, or more than ??1095 a year if
    you have a baby under one. These figures are for a
    whole year and will be less for part years.
    Your tax
    credits award notice will include a breakdown of
    your award. If your Child Tax Credit total is greater
    than the amounts shown as the family elements
    you may qualify for a Sure Start Maternity Grant.
    Note that your tax credit award is based on your
    previous year's income. If your income reduces
    you can ask for your tax credit award to be reviewed.

    Therefore currently I do not think you are entitled to it, however if you call CTC and tell them that you are now on Maternity leave and how your salary has reduced they will sent you out a new awards letter, and you may actually get the amount needed and be entitled to it.

    On last years salary we were not entitled to it, but I called up 2 weeks ago with my reduced salary and we now receive it. I was on a fair salary last but I'm only receiving SMA of ??124 per week now, so it is definitely worth giving them a call.

    Good luck xxx
  • Tell them you will be earning less and remember that they don't include the first ??100 per week of maternity pay for tax credits purposes. Once you have told them of the change then put your claim in for the surestart grant straight away as you only have until your baby is 3 months old.
    HTH. X
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