Cute or cruel???

Frankie has loads of hair so I decided to put it up in a ponytail. She doesnt seem bothered by it but im not sure about it. So what do you think cute or cruel?


  • awh definitely cute! x
  • I think she looks so cute but its up to you xxxx
  • As long as she's not bothered by it, why not!
  • She is so gorgeous, but personally I hate seeing this, to me it looks sore, although I know you have said it does not bother her. I am gonna wait until my lo has lots more hair until I attempt this, must admit though I can't wait until she can get bunches.

    Totally up to you xx
  • Charlotte has lots of hair but personally I wouldn't do this myself. Babies hair is quite fine and their scalps can be quite sensitive so I will leave it until Charlotte is older (maybe around 2).
    She does look cute though, and it's totally up to you. And just cos I said it's cute doesn't mean I think you are being cruel by the way - lol!! xx
  • I think its cute, as long as it isn't hurting her. (If it was I'm sure you wouldn't do it :lol: )

    Deffo cute image

  • I couldnt resist, I have just been in boots and they had some teeny tiny boobles so i bought them!!! She has so much hair and the bobble is so loose it works its way out every hour or so.
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