Is there a reason why I shouldn't...

...sleep Benjamin on a bed for a couple of nights? He is 7-weeks old & has outgrown his basket. We are away this weekend and the travel cot that we wanted is out of stock...

So, if I take all the pillows & duvet off the bed would it be ok to put him on it? He sleeps in a sleeping bag and isn't rolling over so I wouldn't be worried about him rolling off, and he has slept in his own room from 3 weeks so that isn't a problem either. The bed is wedged into a corner so I would put him closer to the wall edge (the obviously not close enough for him to hit it).

What does everyone think? Am I missing something very obvious which means I shouldn't do it? The mattress is quite hard, about the same as his cotbed. I will buy another travel cot if needed, I would just rather get the one I wanted!!!


Thank you!



  • I'm not sure, there is probably no harm in it whatsoever. Have you thought about co-sleeping? Maybe you could try that for the couple of nights you are away.

    The only thing that I would say, is place the baby in the middle of the bed and move the bed away from the wall, so that baby couldn't get wedged at all. HTH xx
  • I would (and have) done it too!! We regularly co-slept with ds from about 7 months old, but I wouldnt feel happy co-sleeping with a newborn - I know lots of people do it and it's safe but I'd be scared x

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  • can he not sleep in his pram? Thats what i did if its only a couple of nights.
  • I didn't do it at 7 weeks, I was a bit nervous about it but do now regularly. I wouldn't leave him on the bed on his own, rather sleep there too with no duvet cover he can get covered up with and your arm outstretched over his head with you on your side to prevent you rolling onto him (not that you would!), and don't cuddle him all night and make him overheat. Have him on the outside, my logic says you'd hear him tumble out and he'd be fine but you might not hear him stuck down the side of the bed. Jeepers if you get any sleep at all the first time It'd be a miracle. Maybe use the pram like someone else suggested. Follow your instinct on it really.
  • I think it would be fine. If he's not rolling over yet then I doubt he'll move from where you put him! I often put Adam to sleep on our bed for his day time naps! x
  • have co sleept with both my children, i made sure that my baby still had the covers I would use normally and use a duvet for myself and make sure it cant cover my baby, put your baby in the middle of your double bed with pillows to his side so it cant cover his face and then when you cant into bed I would put my arm under him xx
  • We couldn't fit the travel cot into the boot when visiting the in laws the other month (babies don't travel light!) so we just took the mattress and she slept on the floor of our room on that in her usual sleeping bag.
    She slept from 10pm through to 5am without waking once and that's still the longest she's ever gone. Would that work for you?
  • i prob would but put a pillow either side of him, i was always stressing how he might roll over before i expected!! we use to cosleep and somtimes do cosleep for his morning nap, how about getting a travel cot matteress (i found the ones that come with them are very thin and we bought a 6cm one from babies r us to go in ours) and putting it on the floor? or a pop up cot?
  • Hi - I would put a pillow either side as piggypops suggests (but with the top end no higher than his shoulders) - or you on one side and a pillow on the other.

    If your pram lies flat I would consider that if you are at all worried - I doubt you would get much sleep the first night otherwise!
  • Thanks so much for all the advice. I have put him to bed in his big cotbed tonight for the first time. I cried image

    Anyway...I have an icandy apple - apparently not 'breathable' - is it still ok for him to sleep in that? xx
  • I would too, and like lawso said move the bed away from the wall so he wouldn't get wedged if he did by anychance move. Also to ease the worry you could get a sleep positioner to stop him moving.
  • I would too, and like lawso said move the bed away from the wall so he wouldn't get wedged if he did by anychance move. Also to ease the worry you could get a sleep positioner to stop him moving.

    fab idea, we had a clevermamma one which was great!
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