Reusable nappy for holiday?

Hey girls

We are going on our jollys in 4 weeks.. i got all the suitcases out today been the control/organised freak i am and suddenly realised wow all of these nappys are going to take up a whole suitcase practically plus we need 3 boxes of formula too for my ds! (dd is 23 months,ds is 9 weeks) So it got me thinking maybe i would buy a re usable nappy just for my dd, as she is older she only poops once a day so we can know what time etc that will happen usually so could put a disposable on once a day for this. Am i been naive? :lol: i have no idea how they work, i know you get inserts etc for them, would i be able to hand wash the inserts as obviously we wont have a washing machine. I don't want to buy many, maybe just 2, i have seen them very cheap from China as i don't want to spend a lot of money because we are potty training when we get back from our hols.

Can anyone help me, would this work or am i been un-practical ?

Thanks image x


  • I think you might struggle as with hand washing you might not get all the detergent out and that can seriously impede reusable's absorbency plus they can take a wee while to dry so with only a couple you won't really have time to wash and dry before the next nappy change. Personally, I think you'd need at least 8 so 4 'in use' and 4 drying...even then you might struggle...
  • I agree. When we go away, we pack most of our reusables in a vacuum bag. Maybe take disposables like normal, but take them out the plastic packaging and put them in one of those vacuum bags, suck out all the air, bingo!
  • Hi hon as you know we're off in 12 days (eeek) I'm pretty much packed now.

    We are doing what we did last time regarding nappies - taking a carry pack(22 nappies) of normal disposables in the luggage, 10-20 swim nappies and ofc nappies in the hand luggage obviously (enough to allow for delays).

    I've seperated all the nappies between the 3 cases to even out the weight

    We are going for 2 weeks so we will need more than what we've packed but we'll buy them out there. I'd recommend doing the same hon - yes it is more expensive but it is so much easier xx
  • Thanks so much girls.. im glad i didnt go ahead and buy a couple then. See i dont know how they work. I thought that nappy just worked as a "shell" so to speak and only the liner bit got wet? So i thought i would have lots of liners and just one or 2 nappys.. obviously it doesn't work like that :lol: I thought it was a good idea as its so hot in Cyprus they would dry quickly but nevermind lol.

    Gsmummy55 i had to see your other topics then to figure out who you are :lol: Do you know how much more expensive they are out there?? xx
  • could you not just take a bit extra cash and buy nappies while out there you can buy their brand??

    Just an idea this is what my friend did when she went away
  • Well hon I've never been to cyprus before so am not really sure what the prices are like there. But we are self catering so we will be buying basics anyway so nappies as well isnt too bad.

    But when I went to malta when ds was 5 months we just packed enough for a few days and then bought them out there - they were slightly more expensive than over here but not terribly. We bought pampers as we werent sure what a foreign own brand would be like, although over here we use asda nappies.

    I'd definitely buy them out there - for 2 babies for 2 weeks (also considering one of those is very young!) you risk having to take 100+ nappies.....there will be no room for bikinis and dresses!

    Thats my logic anyway xxxx
  • Quickie and no time to read all replies - nappies quite pricey in Cyprus but beats paying extra for your luggage. TBH no a lot of difference between own brand a pampers so we stuck with what we knew
  • There is an option for the sort of thing you're looking for. Bum Genius do a flip system where you have an outer, then you put either disposable inserts (or re-usable ones) inside it.

    I've been using them for a while and they are great. You'd probably need 2 outers as they tend to start to smell in the end (recommended that you use an out for up to 3 changes), and then a couple of packs or so of flip inserts. You could still vacuum pack the inserts to keep things as small as possible. They are lovely nappies, great to use, and are a great option for holidays having used them myself. Website below, they've even got an offer on at the moment where you get a free pack of disposable inserts if you buy a trial pack (which can be just an outer, or outer and reusable insert)
  • Great interest in reading this as I am just waiting for my bg's to arrive and I am off to turkey in october with my lo Currently 24+ weeks.
    I will take a look kristinmc, many thanks image
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