Did you feel different?

Sorry for crashing, I am sure this has been asked a million times before but did you feel any different the day you went into labour. My OH keeps jokingly asking me every morning 'are you having the baby today?' and every day my answer is no because I feel the same as every other day.

It got me wondering, in hindsight did you feel any different the day you went into labour or did it come as a surprise? Did any of you just Know that today was the day?

Miss VERY Impatient


  • Hi Hun

    probably doesnt help but I didnt feel different at all!

    went into Labour early hours on a Sunday at 39+3 so fingers crossed for you! Lots of sex (doggy position) and watch a really sad film - I watched Marley and Me on the saturday and bawled my eyes out!


    Curly x
  • I can't give you an answer in this one hun as I was induced, but my advise would be to just enjoy the last few days of being pregnant because I promise you that when baby arrives it won't be long till pregnancy is a distant memory.

    Hope baby arrives for you soon Miss Impatient image xxx
  • with my 2nd ds i did. i don't know how but i did. i was 4 days late and i was round my nans in the evening and my mum and dad was there and when i left to go home i said to my mum " don't you and dad be late getting to bed tonight because i'll be ringing you early hours of the morning to come and look after kurtis And sure enough i woke at 1 and my waters had broke and i phoned her to come round at half 2am and ds was born at 6:31am and with ds3 i had a feeling and phoned my mum and said "i'm gonna bring the boys round yours mum coz i've got a feeling baby coming today and i'd been round 3hrs when i stood up to go to the kitchen and my waters went {although ds didn't actually arrive till the lunchtime the next day}
    But with ds1 he was 13days late so i went into hospital to be induced so i suppose in a way i knew when he was coming too lol x
    hope everything goes well for you when the time does come xx
  • Hi
    I didn't feel any different, not sure if that's what you want to hear or not, sorry. I did have days around my due date when I did feel different and thought it could be it but then nothing happened.
    I was due on 15th December and by xmas eve I'd resided myself to the fact that I would have to be induced (was due to go in on Boxing day evening) so had decided I would stuff myself on xmas day to stop me from being miserable but then I went into labour at around 12:30am xmas morning!!! I spent the whole of xmas day in labour and my baby was finally born at 00:15 on Boxing day!
    I tried everything to get things moving before that and nothing worked. I totally advise that you make the most of this time now. I know everyone says that and I didn't believe them as I just wanted my baby but I promise you that once you're baby is here you will forget all the waiting and be glad that you did some things for yourself.
    Good luck honey.
  • Hello!

    The few days before my waters broke I went into manic nesting mode in the form of cooking loads of meals for the freezer! Then on the morning of the day my waters went I said to hubby that I better rest in case I went into labour because I'd been so busy cooking that week and was exhausted....(bear in mind I wasn't even 37 weeks so wasn't really expecting labour just yet!)

    My waters broke on the Friday night and I was told I'd be induced Tuesday morning. On the Saturday nothing was happening but I knew that I'd start having contractions on the Sunday and she'd be born on the Monday. Sure enough my contractions did start on Sunday and although I was induced on Monday in the end I didn't know this would be the case beforehand and she was born on the Monday!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx



  • With my first, I was not expecting to go into labour that day at all - as he was 8 days early. I didn't feel v different at the time, but afterwards I realised I did!

    I got this sudden urge to clean - classic nest-building lol - and believe it or not I completely spring cleaned and re-arranged the furniture in our bedroom! Just had a burst of energy and couldn't not clean!

    Then around 5 I started feeling fluey, and my back started to ache, and then I had a show - which I ignored as I was so convinved baby would be late. I had a bath, and hubby got back from work and I said this might sound mad, but I think I'm in labour! He said you better not be - I've got a really busy day at work tomorrow!

    DS1 was born at 6am the next morning LOL!

    Good luck Miss I,

  • nope felt just the same!
  • both times it was a complete suprise,first pregnancy my waters started leaking at 35wks,went to the hospital to get checked out and found out i was 3-4cm dialated,they said your having your little boy today,i said iam having him today and they said yes,so i was very suprised! :lol:
    my second pregnancy (twins) i was 31wks pregnant and i was busting for a wee so went and sat on the loo and my waters broke so again was a complete suprise :lol:

  • No I didn't feel any different..just very impatient! As someone else said earlier I would just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet! I remember being so desperate to meet my lo but looking back now (and mental note to self for baby no.2!) I would sit back and relax...you know it's going to happen and things will change so much in no time at all.

    Good luck and see you in 'baby' soon! x
  • Nope not at all! I had a stretch and sweep at 10am, contractions started at midnight ... didn't have a clue before then!

    Hope your little baba doesn't leave you hanging on for too long

  • I was induced as I was admitted on the Friday evening with pre-eclampsia, only went to have my BP checked due to a headache but I had spent the whole of Friday daytime completely gutting the house.
    I spent 4 days in hospital before LO was born and all I could think was that I wished I had not cleaned the sodding bathroom for 3 hours and just enjoyed the peace and quiet!!

    Good luck, it's all very exciting

  • i knew, i cleaned the house top to bottom was a having a homebirth so was really concious of the house needing to be clean but just didnt care until the day before i had her, then crashed out on the bed in our clothes with the dog (shes not allowed upstairs so dont know how that happened!) and i woke up having what i initially thought were strong BH's but was calm and not at all fazed by it even when i realised, i was so just ready i suppose (11 days late). I posted on my due in forum and was trying to describe it when my contractions were 3 mins apart :lol:

    I'd try to chill too and not wish these last days away, i so miss being pregnant but understand with your first (and heartburn) its easy to want it over with and to meet your baby. Good luck hun.
  • Not really. I had cleaned and cleaned like a nutter for the few days before but I had planned on doing that anyway so not sure if it was true nesting or not. Although I did clean the fake coals in the fireplace which was a bit extreme so maybe!

    The night I went into labour I had been moaning to OH that I was going to end up being induced. Only about 3 hours later I woke up in pain! I was so surprised it took a good 3 hours or so for me to accept I was in labour.

    I had had backache for a few days but thought it was just from the weight of my bump (kept moaning that my mattress couldn't support it and I was sleeping wonky!) But MW reckons I was in v slow labour for a few days. Didn't have a show until well into labour and waters didn't break until I was pushing!

    My little angel was a good girl and arrived on due date!

    Def enjoy this last part. Put your feet up, watch DVD's, have naps, long baths etc!
  • like the others I cleaned! I cried a lot the night before too. Then 2 hours before waters broke I had a complete wave of exhaustion come over me and lay on sofa almost asleep, then sat up to answer a text and whoosh! (still had to be induced to bring contractions on properly)

    Awww good luck hon! You have an amazing experience ahead. My birth with Phoebe wasn't easy but it's still THE most incredible thing!! x
  • I remember waking just before hubby's alarm went off at 5am, and feeling 'different'. I actually said to him to keep his phone handy as he left. I wouldn't have said this unless I had the feeling something was going to happen, as I knew he was cr*pping himself! I called him to come home less than an hour later, and was 5cm dilated when I got to hospital!! I was 3 days early too, and had had nothing but stronger BH the previous day! x
  • i cleaned the floor! i had BH all day, felt VERY uncomfy all day (and couldn't stop eating, but i thought the uncomfiness was due to eating too much) then my waters wene POP in the night. he was born 45 hours after that, at 38+2.

    good luck and enjoy! make sure you get as much rest as you can, as due to the timings of when my waters went i'd been awake for 3 days when i gave birth to him so i was exhausted and regretted not having my afternoon nap on the day my waters went!

  • After having period pains on a off the week before I just woke on on the Wednesday morning about 3am with pains again but could not sleep and by 6am they were getting worse, Luke was born at 9.59 that night.

  • how weird that we all cleaned! I was only 38+5 when she was born but the day before I decided to dust all the skirting boards in the house! I thought the backache that night was from over doing it but my waters broke at about 3am. Looking back I think about 5% of me knew what was happening but the other 95% kept telling me not to be so silly!
  • I did know but didnt say to anyone incase it was 'symptom' spotting!!

    The day before I noticed my bump had become rather flabby (like it is now post birth!) as though Olivia had moved down right into the birth canal and therefore freeing up room in my actual bump and I just knew it was close. My bump looked much smaller because of that. I also had really bad pregnancy rash (PUPPP) which only goes once a woman has given birth and the morning of the day my waters broke the rash started to clear up. My hubby also commented that I walked much faster that day on one of our 'get the baby out walks'!! I was also in an odd mood, neither happy or sad but I just wanted to be alone and I couldnt put my finger on it until my waters broke later that day and all the events in the last 24 hours made sense!

  • i felt really tired, dizzy and sick in the week leading up to going into labour (how i felt in the first 12 weeks). about 4 hours before my waters went i was getting out of the car and as i stood up i felt my bump drop as in it felt like my baby was going to fall out on the floor image didn't think anymore of it as i was only 37wks, had a curry and then an hour later the waters went and the contractions started shortly after. xx
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