trying to roll at nearly 4 weeks????

i know it sounds weird but i really think she is! when shes on a changing mat or flat surface she pushes on one side. my boys were 4/5 months so i know this is gonna sound like im lying. I will put her down and take a picture.


  • she has a preference to that side alot. I feed her so that to look at me she has to face the opposite way but she tends to look ahead. when she sleeps her head is that way and if i try to turn it, it feels stiff and looks uncomfortable for her. Do you think I should say something to HV?

  • Just going by another post, otherwise I would never have known this. Was she breech? If so she might need a bit of physio on her neck.

    Even if that isn't the case, I would mention it to the HV. xx
  • Lucas did this till we took him to an osteopath who adjusted his neck and he's now much more centred. He had his cord round his neck which caused some muscle tension.

    Definitely mention to your HV.

  • she wasnt breech bu did have the cord round her neck. I will deffo let the HV know. Thanks ladies xx
  • she wasnt breech bu did have the cord round her neck. I will deffo let the HV know. Thanks ladies xx
  • juniemummy Bellas is 4 weeks today and also does this, the hv has seen her do this but wasn't concerned she also has a lot of strength with holding her head up on her own for a while.
  • Mia rolled very early too- she sleeps on her tummy as its the only way she will sleep (I know very controversial but my baby is happy and that's all that matters and we are very careful) anyway she often rolls herself from her tummy to back when she wakes up and has done so since about 4/5 weeks she also has very good head control and when lying on her tummy she lifts it up and looks straight at you. She is 2 months old today!x
  • Sebastian could roll from front to back when he was 3 weeks old and the doctor had to hold him at his 6 weeks check so he didn't roll off the bench. Doc just said he had strong muscles.

    Shame that since he's learnt to roll back to front he's forgotten how to roll back image
  • Aww she's so cute! Am thankful my lo isn't rolling yet at 7 weeks, it's good for her to stay where I put here for now thanks! lol.

    My lo also favours looking to one side (she was breech) - but my HV and doc both said it was fine as she is physically able to look both ways and it would just right itself in time. They suggested stimulating her other side by putting her cot/bouncer a different way to what she likes to stare at - plus I got a wrist rattle and put it on the opposite side to her preferred side and a mirror she loves I've moved to the other side to encourage her to look to her left xx
  • we have a video of isobel rolling at 4 weeks - sadly she hasnt since so i think it was a fluke. She also prefers looking to one side (she was born by EMCS but wasnt breech) but the GP has no concerns x
  • Hi there

    It's mainly a reflex action - Lyvi used to do this too.

    However, Lyvi also had the cord around her neck and was quite 'bent' up for a long time whenever we would put her on a flat surface and she always preferred to be on her side. We took her to see a cranial osteopath and it was sorted out within 3 sessions. I'd highly recommend them!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
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