Dairy free puddings??

Any suggestions Alyssa is now dairy free and im running out of ides help!!


  • Hi there my sons are both dairy free too, although now that he is two Ashton is fine with it! Have you tried fruit pots, jelly, and did you know you can also make custard using powder and their milk, add a spoon on coco powder for chocolate custard - also works for rice pudding too! From 6 months they can also have soya products too! x
  • ds has always just had a soya yoghurt for afters (along with lots of fruit) i never give him the same flavour two days in a row, occasionally he'll ahve jelly, and sometimes an alpro soya pudding (choc/caramel/toffee)...u can make rice pudding using their normal milk or soya milk and custard etc...did make him an apple crumble a couple of times but he was not interested at all. x
  • Sorry gc from ttc. Did you see that girl on dragons den? She's brought out dairy free ice cream like desserts. They will be in supermarkets soon but I think she sells it in holland and barrats. I think it has a double barrelled name (the makers) and the dragons loved it. It was completely natural too.

    V x x
  • Here's the link for what Ladybird73's talking about. You may be able to find more info from it xx

  • Ooh thats interesting about the dairy free dragons den dessert.. the website says it'll be available in all major supermarkets from September so i'll look out for that.

    We get lo a dairy free swedish glace ice cream substitute thingy which is sold in Booths supermarket and holland and barrett and its actually quite nice - its not cheap though but he only has a little in a cornet so it lasts a while.

    Lets see.. also there is the soya custard (Alpro and provamil), soya puddings (again alpro and provamil) - available in vanilla/chocolate/caramel, Oatley milk do a dairy free cream alternative although we haven't tried that, some of the fruit pot deserts are ok (the ones labelled 100% fruit), soya yoghurts (sainsburys stock the smooth alpro one, the rest have bits in).

    Umm..what else - you can also make most cake type things just using oat or soya milk, dairy free marg etc etc, you can get dairy free choc buttons & white choc buttons,

    I was given a dairy free recipe book from someone else - I think it came from Cow & Gate - may be worth giving them a call to see. Also if you are seeing a dietician they may be able to help with recipes - I was also given some recipe sheets that are done by nutramigon formula so i'm assuming that came from a dietician.

  • That's so helpful ladies thank you so much for all the ideas i appreciate it alot!!

    Clair xx
  • when lo is a little older you can make lolly pops with the soya yogurt and according to the alpro soya milk carton you can you it to make soya ice cream too!
    we use the alpro soya puddings in a vanilla flavour. also jelly is good!!
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