They wouldn't sell me medised!

I went to boots today to get Evie some medised...and the lady wouldn't sell it to me because Evie is 7 months old! But lots of you have mentioned using it for your lo's- why wouldn't she sell it to me? Also, my mum has seen some in the pound shop for a quid!! So if they can sell it in there I don't get why they couldn't give it to me in boots. So I've had a pretty rough night so far with Evie image and my hubby is in bed with his man-flu which is so much worse than my cold :roll:

If I can't find any medised in pound shop I'm going to have to go back to boots and say I want it for an older baby!



  • I sent oh out to adsa's yesterday to get some for Kyra who's got a rotten cold. They wouldn't sell it to him either hun so don't worry. They have to be 2years+ to take it xoxox
  • yeah they have to be over 3 to take it now i think. they upped the age limit the other month coz of people using it as a sedative to get a good nights sleep!
    i use it on brooke and she is 15 months. we lied and said we had used it before and that our child is over 3 and didnt have her with me.
  • I got mine direct from our doctor who stated that there is no reason why any baby over the age of 3 months can't have it. With boots it is their personal policy not to sell it to be given to anyone under 2 years. However I know that our local small chemist will sell it so maybe try an indepentant one. xxx
  • Ooh, didn't realize it is for older kids! Is it still safe to use though? Thanks for replies.

  • There must be a reason why they don't sell it to under 2's is it dangerous? Kyra's has the worst cold these past few days and I've has virtually zero hours sleep, but I would never put her health in danger for a few hours sleep...that's why I bunged her and Evie off to my mothers for the night LOL! sorry i;m a bit druhnk right now...! xoxoxo
  • no its not dangerous i dont think, its just that silly people were using it to knock babies out so they could get a ful nights sleep! I have used it for harri at about 11 months and he was fine and it didnt "knock him out" . as long as you dont abuse it its fine xxx
  • Hi,

    I have a little boy who is 4 now but they wouldn't sell me medised when he was younger. The pharmacist said it was dangerous in young children as it has a sedative and the deep sleep could result in cot death in younger children. I haven't used it since but it was widely recommended by other mummy friends.

  • Oh good job they didn't sell it to him then! tHATS horrible! Woould rather be a zombie than have Kyra ill xoxox
  • Thats ridiculous - It's not dangerous at all (only if parents abuse it). It's for 3 months plus, it even says so on the bloody box! I got mine from the local chemists,they were fine selling it to me.
  • It doesnt have a sedative in it either - it has paracetamol (like calpol) and an antihistamine that unblocks their nose AND helps them sleep. I will def be using it again when Gabe's ill. When I gave it to him he slept 11 hours straight after crying all night the night before...he woke up so much happier I know what I'd rather do!!
  • i arged till i was blue in the face that it sas 3 months on the box its because they havnt recalled it they ae just selling it through, my local tesco now have the new packaging which is 2years + on it. it didnt knock brooke out if anything made her hyper so i dont bother anymore good old karvol and calpol work wonders for her! xxx
  • Oh ! That's ok then. I haven't looked at the box as they wouldn't sell it to oh. If she's still the same when she gets back I'll have to look into it. Do u know if it tastes similar to XCalpol as Kyra won't touch Calpol! Lil mare!!! xoxoxox
  • When Tommy had a bad cold I rang the local pharmacist who I have found really helpful over the past couple of years and he recommended Medised so my OH went to get it from him and he knew Tommy was 5 months old at the time.
  • I've got Karvol I like to put it on my pillow cases to help me sleep better! lol xoxoxo
  • It tastes worse than calpol! But you can mix it with milk or fruit juice, it says on the box. Gabe didnt seem to mind it tho. And he hates calpol too.
  • I;ve just surpassed 1000 posts yey! xoxox
  • If I can't find any I'll go to my local chemist. If it says 3 months plus on box then that's good enough for me. I can't see it being dangerous, it's prob that some parents have abused it to try and get their kids sleeping through.

  • Seems a bit silly to me :lol: I've never used it as Calpol and Ibuprofen do the trick, although I would try it if I ever needed too. There has been some new legislation in about under 2's and certain medicines. Kelsies got a cough and cold at the minute and the pharmacist advised against given her any type of cough medicine. Even the ones with 3 months plus on and shes 14 months now! She's seeing the DR tomorrow, so if he can't see any harm in her having it then I shall be getting some for her.

  • I was recommended it by the pharmacist for the lo I used to look after when he was 5 months and had chicken pox, I didn't know they had changed it, surely if you had used it before and been fine then there is no reason why you can't again!
  • Blimey - they're a bit OTT! My pharmacist recommended it to me to use on Reiss (6months) for his really bad teething episodes. In fact, he wouldn't sell me Anbesol as this was too strong for him, but happily gave me Medised and said it was brilliant for little ones as it took pain away and helped them sleep as well as taking away the itching gums with teething. I'd go to an independent pharmacist!
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