what do you think (sooo proud)

I took Charlie for some professional pics, the photographer has used one of the photo's on his website.

then go to gallery 1, it's the 4th pic down (he's topless and leaning forward on a wite blanket!)

p.s - his hair has a bit of a ginger tinge because he has quite bad cradle cap but hubby insists on me telling you all that he's has light brown hair!

Anyway what do you think???


  • About his hair or the picture lol

    Absolutely gorgeous you must be so proud.

    P.S My little girl doesn't have ginger hair either, it's strawberry blond!
  • WOW they are really, really lovely and your lo is sooooo cute! My lo has light brown hair too! Are you getting it blown up big-bet it wold look ace on a canvas too!
  • hayden has definate tinge of ginge but then i am a red head so not surprised. LOL
    Your wee boy is just gorgeous, love the smile.
  • aww thanks girls! I did reply last night but BE ate my reply.x
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