Up time ... why is it?

Why is it when we have nothing to do all day, lo is up at 5 wanting to play and when I want us to be out for 9 a.m he sleeps till 7.45 - meaning we are late even though that seems like ages??!!


  • :lol:

    I know the feeling though! I still cant beleive how long it take me and Louise to leave the house. Even though Louise was up at 6.30am I struggled to leave the house at 9.10!
  • :lol: Gabe was up at 6.20 this morning (unusual for him!) but I've gotta be out by about 9 tomorrow and I bet he will sleep till 8!!

    It takes us ages to get out as well.
  • lol - just the way it goes with kids! You ask them to do one thing, they do the complete opposite!! Something I'm used to now!
  • DD would happily sleep til 8 every day but DS is an early bird. I work 3 days a week and am up at 6 so that we're ready to leave by half 7. He invariably gets up at just after 6 whether it's a work day or not. Last night I was shattered but OH was away and I'm crap at sleeping when he's not here so was convinced that Joe would be up extra bright and early this morning (don't work Thurs/Fri) so couldn't believe it when he wandered in at half 7 and just climbed into bed with me! Felt so refreshed and we've had an ace day. Can almost guarantee that we won't be so lucky tomorrow though!
  • My half brother still doesnt sleep later than 6.30 and he is 11!
  • Tell me about it, how many times have we meant to be somewhere early and Zacky has wanted to sleep in. If necessarry though im a naughty mommy and wake him up now, as some days he has been known to sleep til 11am. Cant have that now im back at work and have to leave the house for 9.30am though. Luckily he is a plesant soul who just smiles when you wake him up, def doesnt take after me.
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