Pram help for soon to be new mum!

Hi all,

I'd really like some advice about prams!

Here are the links to the three prams that I really like but unfortunately I'd have to travel hundreds of miles just to see them for real and have a push! (I live in a very remote part of Scotland!) So I'm going to have to buy one over the net and would really like other mums' opinions good and bad. 09.htm

Or if anyone can recommend anything similar it would be much appreciated! :\)

Thanks! image


  • i have the sleepover deluxe and i love it. it really depends on what you want it for. i do a lot of walking and its perfect, although not so practical if you want to put it in the car (i have the silvercross dazzel for that). baby was always really comfy in the pram as a newborn as its really spacious. we now have it in pushchair mode and its great. large shopping basket and easy to use (recline etc)
    i really wanted the classic chasis till i tried it and changed my mind and bought it on the liniar as the wheels were so much better. easier round corners and in shops

    the fact that it also turns in to a crib (crib stand provided)was really handy too for sleepovers at grandparents house although we never used the sheets that come with it.

    hope this helps.
  • i love the swirly pattern on the last one!! I have the silvercross lineaer (sp?) in pastatio(sp?) it has swivel wheels which i find great as it is easier to steer if only one hand free!!! If you not due till after april the baby show is coming to glasgow secc, soon thats where i got a really good deal on my pram last year and there were soooo many to try out.
    love fi and hayden
    Just looked it up Friday 24th april till the sunday

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  • i have the silvercross freeway linear in pistachio and lo looks so cosy in it. i love the way the wheels swivel
  • Hi

    If you live in a remote part of Scotland I would suggest something a bit more rugged. We have a mountain buggy with a carry cot. We live in a rural location and this is great for walks down lanes or on the paths in the woods.

    It is a bit big for round town though and not cheap. We were lucky to get an ex display from the baby show last year

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