wind probs

hi - i know this is an old post, but it sounds just like my son - what did you guys do in the end?

breif history - I had preclampsia - baby born at 38 wks and up to special care with low bolood sugar, hypothermia and suspected maningitis which he was treated for. Now at hom Im half breast feeding and on SMALF for lactose intolerance, with drops in my milk too in bottle. Baby wakes every night with chronic wind and tummy ache - please help! I have to feed every 3 hours, he is 8 weeks old but weak with no fat on him. I get him down after about an hour, then have to express for 30 mins, and have to get up 30 mins before he does to pretreat milk with coleif drops, so invbetween each feed (4 in night) I get 1hour if lucky but when he cries in his sleep I get none. plea\se help, I cant live on 3 hours sleep a day!!


  • im so sorry hun, i dont know what to say other than go to your gp or HV and see if they will change his milk to LF aptimal, its supposed to be closer to BM and SMA is renound to give babys more wind that any other formula. xxxx
  • thanks - im also going lactose free for my milk - still no change - he pain is so upstting
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