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Hi ladies

I'm not going to start a debate on the rights and wrongs of this, just wondering who has tried it, was it effective and how long did it take.

I've been completely against it, but HV has suggested we try it on Tyler.

Anyone ?



  • mr ds1 was over 6 months i think about 9 actually from memory, he had always went down no bother but he was sick and because he slept with us fir a few nights as i was scared of him choking he though that was the new place to be lol

    it only took him 2 nights and he didnt cry that long as he was tired at bedtime it was hard but worked quickly and he was happily going to bed on his own again. I think if he had have kept crying for any length on time each night or it didn't work i would have abandonned it but it worked, i just went in once or twice and stroked his wee head, hope this helps
  • We used with with Evie when she was 6-7months (seems like forever ago!) as she was waking in the night and needing to be rocked back to sleep, I would offer a bottle too but she'd only have a couple of sucks and push it away, so I knew she wasn't hungry. We were certain she didnt need anything other than endless ammounts of cuddling and rocking, which upto 6times a night or so is draining on everybody.

    So, we made sure we had a good consistant bedtime routine in place, would give her plenty of cuddles before putting her in her cot awake, tucked her in, came out. She would cry. At first we left her say 3mins, went back in, stroked her tummy and said "it's sleep time darling" and came back out. We'd then wait longer ie 6mins, and repeat. I believe the first night it took 45mins before she was sound asleep, and we only had to do it once or twice through the night, she seemed to pick it up quickly. Second night, it took much less time for her to fall asleep, and less night waking, then after 3nights she was settling herself to sleep and sleeping through.

    If ever she did wake through the night after this we'd go through to check she wasn't in need of anything, and if we were confident she was fine, we would do the CC. It rarely ever took more than once/twice of going in for her to fall back to sleep.

    She's 2 1/2 now and I'm certain we'd still be in the same boat of her needing cuddled to sleep had we not done it.

    The key is to be consistant as even going in and picking them up for a quick cuddle puts you back at square one and confuses baby. It's easier if you have a partener/parent/friend there for support as it is very hard hearing them upset and crying.

    good luck if you try it, hope you see results.

  • we did it with our 6.5month old son, he wouldnt nap in his cot and only slept if i rocked him to sleep, then soon as i try to put him down he would wake screaming, our fault as from a young age we used to do this! and then he started waking in the night contantly and screaming for hours on end, i was at the end of my tether! it started making a real difference on day 3, although the first 2 days were very hard for both lo and myself! but im so glad i persisted, as within a week he was great, he now naps in his cot everyday and is sleeping through the night most of the time, and if he does wake, he usually manages to self settle, i wasnt keen on doing cc, but i ran out of ideas and decided to give it a go.

    ashy x
  • My sis did it with my niece as she was 9 months and not sleeping through. They only had to do it once and she has slept through ever since. They actually really wish they'd done it sooner and def will with their new son if he needs it later on.

  • Its no good, i think i need to concentrate on the swaddle weaning first and then deal with the night wakings, its too much for him to cope with. My husband is refusing to back me up on it and I cant do it by myself. He says that he will sleep through when he's ready, so i guess its lots of no sleep for me.....

  • aw hun, well your oh isn't wrong, and CC isn't for everybody. I guess depending on the age of your LO and how often he wakes, and what you currently do during the night when he wakes, there might be other options. I know other girls on the forum use the pick up/put down method. I don't know much about that myself but from what i gather it's a sort of half way mark between cuddling them to sleep and CC. you might find that gentler approach worth a try, and your OH might feel more comfortable with this?

    I'm assuming he's not waking up for anything inparticular, just needing you to settle him each time he wakes? I feel for you and know how tiring that can be!

    You do have to mean business when you begin CC and be the right frame of mind, so I don't think it'd be best timing right now for you if you're dealing with other issues too like weaning.

    Hope things do improve for you xx
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