morning poo!


This is a bit of a strange one! Maiya always wakes at about 4.30 - 6am for a poo. The thing is she lays in her cot straining really loudly for ages!! when it finally comes its not hard or anything. was just wondering if anyone else had a baby that makes such a fuss of it!!

i have to put her light show on to keep her company!!



  • Hey spedshaw

    god i seem to be posting something every day at the mo. Maiya had a nap this morning (after getting me up at 4.30am!!) and is asleep on the sofa now. i have to draw the curtains until she goes off otherwise he's just too nosey and looking at everything. am not getting out quite as much but she gets o tired by 5pm without a decent nap. thanks for asking.

    how's dylan doing??

  • Beth has done this on occasion, but not as a regular thing! As you say, she strains really loudly and sometimes for a while- but it is soft so doesn't look like she is actually constipated. Think it's just one of those things.
  • Gabe sometimes strains for ages & goes bright red (but the poo is soft so he's not constipated) but other times I don't notice he's done it! xx
  • Lily always used to strain, grunt and go very red in the face when she was having a poo - and it was always very soft so I never knew what all the fuss was about! When she was around 4 months old she did go through a phase of waking up round 4a.m and having a poo. We'd be laid in bed listening to her trumping and straining away in her moses basket - then she'd go back to sleep! Fortunately it was a short lived phase.
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