CROSS STITCH - who want to swap some patterns? :D

well it is what it says on the tin! :lol: x


  • Hmmm. havent done any cross stitch for ages, dont know where I put my patterns now, and think I was half way through a couple as well.

    Will see if I can find em.

  • i dont have any individual patters just tones of books.
    have you taken a look in your library they normally have a good few books as well
  • Exactly what I was thinking Katie hun :lol:


  • sorry, i'm gatecrashing from pregnancy!!! what sort of patterns u after hun? have got popcorn, thomas the tank, winnie the pooh, a few tatty teds etc....would have to go thru my stash and see exactly what i have!!!!
  • it was actally my friend who was here last night who was intrested.. i just said here was a good place to ask, she might be around later and ill get her to have a look .. lol the power of be hey! lol
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